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Anonym  2018-04-20

I got these numbers calling for twice, keep asking me what I know about online trading, and keep telling me she is just sharing the information with me, as I had said I’m totally not interested with that. The number is from Italy, but she telling me they’re in London, that’s weird. After few hours it calls again

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Added: 13:33 24-08-2020

Never leaves a message!!!!

Added: 14:58 18-08-2020

This is a solicitation number for Auto Warranty Services.

Added: 19:22 29-07-2020

This was the Westside WIC office in Columbus Ohio when they called me. It was to schedule an appointment if I needed one.

Added: 00:11 25-07-2020

Are you again with the boys at work do you get a new boyfriends at work & when I life the work there at work do you what to talk again and be togather again Regina

Added: 20:57 15-07-2020

Call wanted me to sell my house

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Ringing all the time ,usually 2 times a day . I never answer they never leave a message.

Searched: 07:22 24-09-2020

Had a call from this number 5times this morning! Refuse to answer as they called my Nan a few months ago and I recall the number! How these people get our private numbers is a mystery to me!

Searched: 07:22 24-09-2020

Wine is Good quality and inexpensive. Costs less than buying 12 "okay-ish" bottles from the supermarket - and there is free delivery To Your door.... BUT THEY RING AND RING AND RING>>>>> 12 times a month .... 3 times on one day!!!!! Not harmful.. but there comes a time when you tell them "Do Not Ring me for 3 months" yet you still get the 2 or 3 calls every week. Harmless - I could always block them... BUT I know there will always be that peculiar moment in a few months when I think about forthcoming barbeques or dinner parties, and "Another couple of crates would be good". But boy do I wish they would listen.

Searched: 07:22 24-09-2020

Rings a couple of times then stops, or if answered no one there.

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