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Added: 11:41 23-05-2020

I got a phone call that flagged up as an international call from 01713517606 saying the UK government was offering a free boiler to anyone on benefits. The phone number was obviously fake as it was showing as a UK number. I ignored it.

Added: 17:30 15-05-2020

Answered this call and it was completely silent.

Added: 18:03 10-05-2020

Caller using this number 6625371688 calls and hangs up

Added: 23:16 08-05-2020

Called me and stayed silent for like nine to twelve seconds then hung up.

Added: 10:44 07-05-2020

4 seasons gardeners ….. white van. no logo. Business card with this mobile number. no address. no landline.Just ripped off an old man with Alzheimers. £250 to trim a bush. 1 hours work.

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