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Anonym  2018-11-21

Apple call to provide security code as part of three factor authentication.

Anonym  2018-08-31

Apple automated call triggered when trying to reset Apple password. Not a nuisance call.

Anonym  2018-03-11

Apple ID/iCloud verification. It's safe and you shouldn't be charged for picking it up.

Anonym  2018-03-11

I got this number when I tried to sign in to something they called me and told me a code

Anonym  2017-11-26


Anonym  2017-11-15

I don't have any apple products so why would these scammers call me ? I've got a wee Samsung J3 which does all that I need. I recently bought a cheap Chinese fitbit styled device off GroupOn, ( the Apachie H3 Activity Tracker ) which runs an App called H-Plus ,,, I wonder if it's a scam linked to that device as there's a warning that it may call outbound at my cost,,, but doesn't specify where it'll call, nor what costs might be incurred ? Yet again Chinese crap in the UK,,

Anonym  2017-09-20

Is this really Apple

Anonym  2017-09-15

I had received called from this number for twice today. Who call to me.

Anonym  2017-07-16

I found that I had called them! twice and got billed for an international call but have no recollection of disabling the number

Anonym  2017-06-07

+ 8662753866 It is Apple identification, my daughter had a new sim card and the number left me a pin code for verification purposes

Anonym  2017-05-05


Anonym  2017-05-04

Called on the middle of the night. I think it's to do with stealing apple identity

Anonym  2016-11-15

I had received called from this number for twice today. Who call to me.

Anonym  2016-11-06

Hung up when my answerphone picked up.

Anonym  2016-08-11

Continuing every few seconds in a half hour around eight times a day.

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Added: 19:22 29-07-2020

This was the Westside WIC office in Columbus Ohio when they called me. It was to schedule an appointment if I needed one.

Added: 00:11 25-07-2020

Are you again with the boys at work do you get a new boyfriends at work & when I life the work there at work do you what to talk again and be togather again Regina

Added: 20:57 15-07-2020

Call wanted me to sell my house

Added: 23:05 15-06-2020

It's a SCAM with fake checks from secret shoppers. Do NOT deposit that SHIS into your account. They will bankrupt you... WARNING!!!

Added: 12:39 12-06-2020

Somebody from Tel 01914265602 called me at 11:11 hours this morning. When I answered nobody would respond to me. I find calls of this nature both intimidating and vexatious. The authorities should simply delete all numbers operating in this fashion in order to protect the public generally and in particular to protect those who are vulnerable, ageing and/or in poor health.

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