Who called from this phone number: 07520671986 ?

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Anonym  2019-01-28

Got an sms from David about a car I was selling on GumTree. Googled the number and found this thread.

Anonym  2019-01-27

David, wants to buy my car without being present, for his daughter as a suprise, when questioned about talking on the phone, he claimed he couldnt hear. The whole thing just seems fishy i dont trust it at all.

Anonym  2019-01-24

Scammer trying to buy Cars

Anonym  2019-01-24

Sent a message name Davis asking about the car sales advert. Willing to buy with not being present. Asked info My name, car reg VIN email, address, had mobile number already.

Anonym  2019-01-24

This guy calls himself Dave and tried to buy my car with the sole intention of not paying for it. Do not trust this man.

Anonym  2019-01-20


Gary  2020-05-02

Just google 07520671986 and you will find lots of sites saying this is a scam. It happened today to me too.

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Added: 08:41 03-12-2020

Someone called me from this number +514072730 and then they hung up.

Added: 15:03 01-12-2020

This is a local Canadian number I still don`t know who it came from or who left such a long not nice message . Your site told me it was a USA number and the rest was unknown NOT

Added: 17:58 10-11-2020

Florida, someone called me and then hung up...

Added: 12:21 28-10-2020

I ca confirm this was Ikea calling about a scheduled delivery.

Added: 03:43 20-10-2020

Called me in Australia but hung up as soon as I answered.

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Searched: 05:09 18-01-2021

Called my mobile hung up tried to call back but said the number does not exist. Sounds dangerous

Searched: 05:09 18-01-2021

Man phoned wanting my bank details etc, seems a bit dodgy ,a scam may be!

Searched: 05:09 18-01-2021

Spam crap link to some dodgy website "iphone 4 me dot com" didn't click it, just added it to the ever growing list of "spam" contact.

Searched: 05:09 18-01-2021

‭07520 905039‬

Searched: 05:09 18-01-2021

phone call no one on the other end of line when answered cant call or ring back not recognised phone number is only 9 digits?

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