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Anonym  2018-10-26

(Dangerous and Harassing) Had phone nuisance calls today on 2 different numbers, This mobile number seen above and 0333 050 4902 from an unheard company called Friends of Victims UK Ltd in Bracknell Berkshire . I did some research that its a scam, advertising fraud fake job vacancies, asking for money, bank details etc and selling stolen goods on their website like smart phones, etc. Avoid calls from these 2 numbers.

Anonym  2018-08-04

I had calls from a scamming charity & non-profit organisation company called Friends of Victims UK LTD in Bracknell Berkshire UK. They have 2 numbers. 0333 050 4902 and 0738 040 7117 (Including withheld numbers) Despite asking repeated attempts to remove my details from the system, the only worker their is the owner Dean Kevin Brewer who is retarded who keeps calling and harassing me for money for donations etc. I'm a vulnerable person recovering from a stroke who should not put up with horrible people like this.

dean Brewer friends of victims UK Ltd  2020-05-25

Hi everyone My company friends of victims UK Ltd has had their indenity stolen by an unknown person the information you see about us is false and their are similar reviews posted on other phone number look up service the British police are investigating this matter as other persons have spoken to them and said they too have had their indenity stolen to write these reviews there is also a hacked Twitter account @deankevinBrewer posting anti Muslim tweets racist matriel witch has got nothing to do with friends of victims UK Ltd if anybody has any information about who is doing this they can inform us immediately as this would help us build a case against this individual and this stupid behaviour stop We are not cold calling anybody we are selling stolen goods on our website as the website was taken down by us while we help the police resolve matter As company managing director I take matters of indenity theft very seriously and we are still trying to locate the offender and offer support the victims total there has been 168 confilm cases of indenity theft each case has been report to the britidh fruad unit they are also working with local police to try and this person who is doing this up until now a suspect has been identified and they will be speaking with their care support team to cross check the persons known crimes Like I said just a moment ago we are a fully registered company within the UK and are a registered registered company for tax purposes I'm sincerely sorry for any inconvenience caused by this person actions Kind regards Dean Brewer Managing director Friends of victims UK Ltd

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Added: 08:41 03-12-2020

Someone called me from this number +514072730 and then they hung up.

Added: 15:03 01-12-2020

This is a local Canadian number I still don`t know who it came from or who left such a long not nice message . Your site told me it was a USA number and the rest was unknown NOT

Added: 17:58 10-11-2020

Florida, someone called me and then hung up...

Added: 12:21 28-10-2020

I ca confirm this was Ikea calling about a scheduled delivery.

Added: 03:43 20-10-2020

Called me in Australia but hung up as soon as I answered.

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Sounded like a African with a cold he didn’t know my name and I could not understand him found him very creepy. I hung up and he rang straight back but did not leave a message

Searched: 20:10 21-01-2021

Just answered this call, motor claims, told him I wasn't interested , for my £2000 they get £500. Said the insurance has already made the clai and money there. I was in a bad accident but didn't want to claim, accidents happen in life. Got really shirty when I wouldn't give my date off birth, like I said he seemed to know everything about that mornings accident so, my address, car everything so why did he need my date of birth from me

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Tho 'neutral', this number shall be blocked. The reason the phone is on 'SILENT' is to not waste precious time talking on subjects one is not interested in!

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Islamphobic racist text message and also had personal details of my car here's part of his text Through our network and intelligence sources , we have been informed that you are a likely and suitable candidate to join our caliphate in Syria and fight against the western suppressor, you tick all our boxes and you would make a great martyr , you have a white infidel for a wife , you beat her , you milk the system , and you hate the police , and we would like nothing more than to see you blow yourself up , IN A MOSQUE!

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07383909232 / 07380911420 Both unanswered and within three minutes of each other. Other posters suggest these have something to do with debt management. They coincide with a recent credit card debt I incurred with MBNA. Have you recently had activity with your card company ? That could be the answer.

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