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Anonym  2017-04-12

They called me said they were from 3 and asked me to confirm some personal details as there was a with my account. I asked why I needed to confirm who I was as they called me! He tried to convince me but I declined and he gave me a number to call back on. It's the one here and the replies made me suspicious. I contacted 3 via my mobile (333) and spoke to somebody who confirmed that I had done the correct thing and nobody from 3 was trying to get in touch. So do not give them any info and if in doubt contact 3 direct from your mobile to check.

Anonym  2017-02-20

Multiple calls from this number. When I answer, no-one speaks so I hang up. Will not bother answering again.

Anonym  2016-09-13

They keep calling my number.i refuse to answer it but they still keep calling

Anonym  2016-09-08

SCAM. Do not give any personal or bank details.

Anonym  2016-08-22

It's from Three Mobile thanking me for paying my bill and to tell me my service were being re-activated.

Anonym  2016-08-22

They have called me sixteen times in the past 2 days. I have considered a law suit for harassment.

Anonym  2016-08-15

It's my tyres. Could. Uk

Anonym  2016-08-10

They are Three. There is no scam! Three has employees in India and of course they sound foreign. My mobile number belonged to another guy who apparently never paid his bills and owes them quite a lot of money. I asked them to unlink my number from any previous debts as that's nothing to do with me.

Anonym  2016-08-09

Claim to be Three mobile. I assumed was genuine but don't like calls so don't answer, requested they text instead. keep calling and leaving voicemail asking me to call 0333 300 0232

Anonym  2016-08-04

It's a scam.have had numerous calls supposedly from 3 security team.I'm not on 3 network ! Please do not answer or give any security info.

Anonym  2016-07-29

don't know as not answered but after 3 calls and reading previous comments will block this number

Anonym  2016-07-19

Foreign sounding asked to be removed but still calling

Anonym  2016-07-18

I think the number is from 3 mobile, but I won't answer the call as they are usually trying to flog me a new contract, I already have a contract with them.

Anonym  2016-06-09

Three mobile - checking payment

Anonym  2016-06-02

They ring me every day telling me that they have important information for me.

Anonym  2016-05-23

they asked me for nudes, they made me touch their long weeners.

Anonym  2016-05-02

Supposedly from three mobile. Try to get personal details. Ignore.

Anonym  2016-04-14


Anonym  2016-04-13

Call 3 via app they will confirm it's a scam no.

Anonym  2016-03-28

They hung up when I answered and then I had a voice mail message hours later asking me to call them back on a premium rate number. My contract was closed months ago! THIS IS A SCAM.

Anonym  2016-03-28

3 Mobile. They ring from this number to ask whether you will be paying your outstanding balance.

Anonym  2016-03-16

It's from three fraud investigation team

Anonym  2016-03-14

i had them called me 20 times a day!!!

Anonym  2016-03-10

6 times today already!!!! Sort it out or I will change contract!!!

Anonym  2016-02-18

Keep calling but haven't answer because of the above, call at least 4 times a day

Anonym  2016-01-26

I keep getting calls from this number asking me to call back on 08443380151, a premium rate line. It is a scam according to my research on the internet. DO NOT ANSWER THIS NUMBER and BLOCK IT.

Anonym  2016-01-18

I didn't answer based on the threads above, but they keep calling. I don't know why because my bill is paid. I'be blocked this number though

Anonym  2015-12-02

Someone claiming to be three mobile about my account..I don't have or never have had my phone with 3 and my phone contract isn't even my my name anyway. Deffinitely a scam.

Anonym  2015-11-27

They keep calling and leaving automated messages to call back. Not going to happen. I don't have 3 Mobile, and I don't drive si I haven't been in an accident.

Anonym  2015-11-21

They keep calling me roughly four times a day but I haven't answered them

Anonym  2015-11-03

They have been calling me 3 times a day for a week, I wouldn't even answer if you get their calls.

Anonym  2015-10-22

They say they are from three network but asks for your pin password date of birth and postcode ..Never give that info to anyone

Anonym  2015-10-18

this i s 3 mobile my son has them, and was checking payment

Anonym  2015-09-23

Who called ?

Anonym  2015-07-09

Asian lady pretending to be from three mobile network.

Anonym  2015-06-22

Same. Claiming to be from Three. Avoid

Anonym  2015-06-18

Just had a call from this number, no one spoke and neither did I.

Anonym  2015-02-03

I have had repeated calls from this number about a unpaid mobile account. The number is calling from Austrailia

Anonym  2015-01-01

Scammers claiming to be from Three Mobile

Anonym  2014-12-30

I keep getting calls from this number 03333000151 claiming to be Three !? DO NOT TRUST THEM!

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Added: 06:59 21-01-2021

Received a text from this number. It was secure in content. I blocked the number

Added: 08:41 03-12-2020

Someone called me from this number +514072730 and then they hung up.

Added: 15:03 01-12-2020

This is a local Canadian number I still don`t know who it came from or who left such a long not nice message . Your site told me it was a USA number and the rest was unknown NOT

Added: 17:58 10-11-2020

Florida, someone called me and then hung up...

Added: 12:21 28-10-2020

I ca confirm this was Ikea calling about a scheduled delivery.

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Left voicemail with times to call. No mention of who they are. Don't bother.

Searched: 00:10 25-01-2021

kensington finance use this number used to be GE Capital mortgage

Searched: 00:10 25-01-2021

rang about 8 times over the course of 4 days. sometimes hang up somtimes leave a message. said they were from three. SCAM!!

Searched: 00:10 25-01-2021

its three after overdue payment , so is totally legit

Searched: 00:10 25-01-2021

Keep calling me 5 times a day, leaving chipped voicemail messages. It is a scan and clearly not from Three. Three has never called me to pay a bill over the phone, I get my statements via post or my three web account. I suggest blocking the number.

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