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Anonym  2018-04-23

Called me twice within an hlur 1st call regarding loans i was apparently paying off and second one to as if i wanted an ipad same number both times blocked it but they still got through nuisence!!!!

Anonym  2018-04-23

Called 3 times in the space of a few hours!??????

Anonym  2018-04-15

I did have a message notification but when I listened to it there was no message left. Had 5 calls in as many days. I have now blocked it.

Anonym  2018-04-14

Calling every hour. Very irritating. Now blocked.

Anonym  2018-04-11

6 times!! Go away!!

Anonym  2018-04-09


Anonym  2018-04-09

Sick of them calling usually 4 times a day

Anonym  2018-04-06

This number called me every hour throughout the day until I blocked it. Every time I answer they hang up. Probably spam

Anonym  2018-04-06

This number has called a couple of times and when I answer they hang up.

Anonym  2018-04-02


Anonym  2018-03-29

Lotto syndicate. Blocked number.

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Added: 17:58 10-11-2020

Florida, someone called me and then hung up...

Added: 12:21 28-10-2020

I ca confirm this was Ikea calling about a scheduled delivery.

Added: 03:43 20-10-2020

Called me in Australia but hung up as soon as I answered.

Added: 01:24 23-09-2020

This person is running a Craigslist housing scam DO NOT SEND MONEY

Added: 13:33 24-08-2020

Never leaves a message!!!!

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Searched: 14:29 27-11-2020

Said I entered a competition then went onto talking about Euro lotto after hanging up the phone previously

Searched: 14:29 27-11-2020

Poopi Dy scoop

Searched: 14:29 27-11-2020

been called 6 times today by this number they don't speak just hang up when I answer I live alone and this is very upsetting

Searched: 14:29 27-11-2020

They told me i have won prize on euro millions. Hanged up.

Searched: 14:29 27-11-2020

Called 3/4 times today. Saying I had won free lotto tickets, once they started asking for card details I hung up.

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