Who called from this phone number: 01914265602 ?

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Anonym  2018-12-10

Hung up when I answered the phone. Second time this has happened.

Anonym  2018-12-10

Have rang a couple of times, left no message. heard its EDF, no thank you!

Anonym  2018-12-07

Keep calling same time every afternoon, now logged in as Prat Nuisance so will not answer. If it's EDF as others have mentioned they have no chance, just terminated my contract with them after spending hour and a half, yes that long on chat line, unanswered phones and constantly being told to go online.

Anonym  2018-12-06


Anonym  2018-12-05

Why the hell do they keep trying to give me a smart meter. Apparently they are not as good as they say they are. Sick of them calling me. I do not want one thank you

Anonym  2018-12-04

called to my mobile. Hung up when I answered

Anonym  2018-12-04

Rude little sod trying to push meters for edf. Doesn't take no for an answer.

Anonym  2018-12-04

This is EDF - they are pushing their 'Smart Meter' roll out where I am (South East) 'for the next 6 weeks' they say - and have rund and hung up a few times. Avoid.

Anonym  2018-12-03

Called 3 times today and didn't leave contact details after answerphone message. Whoever it is, this basically qualifies as harassment. Not a very intelligent marketing tactic.

Anonym  2018-12-03

Called 1258hrs 03/12/18 - left no message.

Anonym  2018-11-28

EDF energy trying to sell contracts or whatever. It seems to really be EDF (not fraudsters) but it's nothing regarding the actual contract or electricity/gas supply yiu might get from them.

Anonym  2018-11-27

019414265602. Sick to death of their daily txts and phone calls regarding upgrade to smart meter. Plus the fact that they increase direct debit Willy billy! Will not be renewing my tariff nor recommend them , Ever!

Anonym  2018-11-27

Called today 27th Nov 2018 at 17.20 pm, no message was left on my answerphone. I categorise this call as a nuisance.

Anonym  2018-11-26

Don't know who called , as they cut off the minute they went into voicemail. Why do they even bother - or is it an automated call?

Anonym  2018-11-24

I am going to report them, as I’m fed up with their calls and I’m not even an EDF customer!

Anonym  2018-11-22

Took my details as they said they had installers in the area in the next six weeks, and then after I gave them my details they told me they had no availability!! Not impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonym  2018-11-21

Called but did not leave message on answerphone.

Anonym  2018-11-21

EDF want you to have a smart meter. Call the number back and select option 1, this apparently removes you from future calls

Anonym  2018-11-20

Called 3 times in 2 hours. No voice mail left.

Anonym  2018-11-20

Just been called for the umpteenth time. They don't even attempt to announce themselves on my answer machine. This is pure harassment. I do not a smart meter and you know where you can shove it!

Anonym  2018-11-19

Edf calling to ask me when I'm available to have my smart meter. Fox trot Oscar!

Anonym  2018-11-19

Waited for answer machine to cut in hung up. Well peed off with this number now

Anonym  2018-11-15

Said was from EDF and wanted to replace our existing smart reader for a new updated one. Told them much to busy and besides existing meter works perfectly OK. So why replace.

Anonym  2018-11-15

Call 3 times a day, every day for the past 4 months. This is on top of letters,,emails and flyers through our door! We will NOT be returning to EDF EVER

Anonym  2018-11-15

Call 3 times a day, every day for the past 4 months. This is on top of letters,,emails and flyers through our door! We will NOT be returning to EDF EVER

Anonym  2018-11-14


Anonym  2018-11-14

Incomplete automated voice message left, asking me to call back on a specified 0800 number. If this is EDF as others have said, it is unprofessional of them to check their voicemails are recorded correctly and not to state who the call is from.

Anonym  2018-11-14

Who called ?

Anonym  2018-11-13

Cold called and left an incomplete message quoting 08004080810... To remove my number from my their calling list???

Anonym  2018-11-13

May be we should all find find another supplier. After all they are French.

Anonym  2018-11-13


Anonym  2018-11-13

We need to let these irritating people know we do not want their SMART meters. I have had 3 fitted and they did not work. They were replaced with 3 different meters which still did not work. With the electricity over a period of two weeks I had several people attend in to reprogram the meter. The last person spending a full day, using up all the credit in his mobile phone and all the credit on my mobile phone calling his office for advice. The net result was I was told I would have to move to a tariff that does not have a lower night rate and it still does not work. I still have to send them in readings every month.

Anonym  2018-11-09

called on my mobile, did not leave a voicemail

Anonym  2018-11-08

12 calls in 4 days. Many more before then. Last was @ 8pm this evening, way outside normal office hours. Harrassing & intrusive. The Government MUST mske cold-calling illegal.

Anonym  2018-11-08

12 calls in 4 days. Many more before then. Last was @ 8pm this evening, way outside normal office hours. Harrassing & intrusive. The Government MUST mske cold-calling illegal.

Anonym  2018-11-08

Edf smart meter harassment continues.

Anonym  2018-11-07

Ringing and don't speak sounds like call Center

Anonym  2018-11-07

Thanks for the info, as suggested I phoned back and pressed opt 1 and removed myself from the list :)

Anonym  2018-11-06

EDF this is the culmination of a letters and mobile text messages campaign. I've responded to none of these and instead of getting the message, I don't want the smart meter assessment (they need to come to check on site for compatibility); they have moved to harassing me on my land-line. I emailed them yesterday advising them they are acting in a threatening manner with this escalation despite my ignoring every previous entreaty and that I demand they stop this now. I'll give it 72hrs to cascade to management and then I'll probably go to police and file a harassment complaint.

Anonym  2018-11-06

EDF re Smart meter Call them back and press "1" to be removed from their list

Anonym  2018-11-02

I had a call from EDF from this number as have so many other people. To be fair to them, it is not entirely their fault they are pushing smart meters. The Government has told them they have to roll these out so if you want to complain, complain not to EDF but the Energy watchdog. I will not have a meter because they will not pay me for it. Simple.

Anonym  2018-10-30

Missed a call from this number 4 hours ago. A message was left saying they were edf and calling about smart meter installations taking place in my area and if I did not want any more calls from them to press 1 to be removed from their call list. I did not bother to press 1. I just blocked the number so they should be able to figure out I do not want any more calls from that number. No doubt they will keep trying from one of their other numbers but I will just keep pressing the block button.

Anonym  2018-10-29

EDF re Smart Meters

Anonym  2018-10-29

EDF harassing you about a smart meter

Anonym  2018-10-29

EDF fitting of smart meters I've reported this number for harassing me to But they still continue to call even though I've blocked number

Anonym  2018-10-26

01914265602 rings several times a week I did answer once and said I rent so told them to get in touch with landlord, she said I didn't need to. Asked to be taken off list but they still ring at least every day. Don't leave message though! Harassing. A nuisance.

Anonym  2018-10-25

EDF - Now blocked

Anonym  2018-10-25

01914265602 telephone number phoned today and on Monday 23 October, at 15:26. Filtered the calls with the answering machine as I don't allow telemarketing phonecalls. Callers left no messages or contact details.

Anonym  2018-10-24

Called and wanted a lot of personal information. Would not supply information following my questions.

Anonym  2018-10-24

Ignored as I did not recognise the number.

Anonym  2018-10-23


Anonym  2018-10-16

EDF about smart meter - again! Next time I am going to make an appointment and when the guy arrives send him on his way as inconvenient. Repeat several times and they might just get the message!!!

Anonym  2018-10-16

EDF calling about a smart meter.

Anonym  2018-10-16

EDF regarding smart meter. They used to call on another number, I've only been having calls from this number over the last 3 days or so. Here's the stupid part... I was an EDF customer, but I switched suppliers, I've been with my new supplier for around 2 weeks now yet EDF still call! When I tell them I'm no longer with them they sound surprised. Now I just cancel the calls. One of the reasons I switched was because of the constant nuisance calls (3 or more per day). I will never go back to them even if they have a cheaper tariff in the future.

Anonym  2018-10-15

I never answer calls I do not recognise. But they are really annoying.

Anonym  2018-10-11

Edf as everyone has said i do not want a smart meter either ,i shall just block the number ,i dont answer any calls if i dont know the number

Anonym  2018-10-09

Same issues as above EDF calling re smart meter

Anonym  2018-10-08

i have received 2 calls today from this number, am and soon as i pick up and answer down goes the callers phone. its infuriating and upsetting.

Anonym  2018-10-05

EDF harrassers. Contact EDF at Plymouth to make them stop.

Anonym  2018-10-04

EDF Energy . Rang and hung up

Anonym  2018-10-03

Who employs these idiots. Today I spent 1 hour with EDF helpline to state NO SMART METER and was advised the calls would STOP. Further there would be a block for a year. EDF has lost our business.

Anonym  2018-10-03

EDF trying to install smart meter. I don't want and won't have one. I called the number back and listened to message which gave an option to opt out of further calls. After pressing the option it went to another message confirming that I had opted out but that it could take 24 hours to remove my number.

Anonym  2018-10-03

A call from this outfit to my very elderly mum's number numerous times from EDF. She has written to EDF to say she does not want a smart meter and to ask that their reps stop troubling her as she is partially deaf and gets worried about voices she doesnt recognise. I took over the call from her (during a visit) and once again in no uncertain terms, warned them off and said "I am putting the phone down now". We can only hope this will work as Mum does get worried about such calls.

Anonym  2018-10-02

EDF (apparently) - I just looked the number up here (I am an EDF customer)

Anonym  2018-10-01

EDF saying they were ringing to book the appointment to install my smart meter despite me having ignored God knows how many emails and texts telling me to contact them to arrange such an appointment because I don't need or want one. The woman didn't seem to understand the word NO until I got very short with her.

Anonym  2018-10-01

Still calling every other day, twice a day, even though I have already said 'no' to a smart meter. Have also had letters, e-mails & text messages from Edf, advising me they are/will be "installing smart meters my area." They are relentless.

Anonym  2018-10-01

Said he was from EDF regarding .....when did I want a smart meter fitting.....told him NO.

Anonym  2018-09-25

Called then hung up when I answered

Anonym  2018-09-25

EDF unsolicited call re smart meter. Told them NO

Anonym  2018-09-24

EDF unsolicited. Our business is going.

Anonym  2018-09-24

It keeps calling but when you say hello the line gose down. Calls 3 to 4 times a day

Anonym  2018-09-21

EDF - NEVER, NEVER agree to a smart meter. They nearly burnt my house down! This outfit cannot even make their iPhone app work after years of updates, Smart meter NO CHANCE!

Anonym  2018-09-20

Calls daily from this number. Ignored because I have caller display.

Anonym  2018-09-20

Because of nuisance calls, I don't answer the phone, only pick up if someone I know starts to leave a message. I get calls from this number persistently i.e. circa 20 calls, all times of day, a break for 2-3 weeks, then it starts again. Has gone on for months now.

Anonym  2018-09-19

Let it go to answerphone, after a delay they hung up!

Anonym  2018-09-19

Allowed to go to answer phone. No message left. I am with EDF so I suspect it was Smart Meter installation request which I have already repeatedly declined.

Anonym  2018-09-14

Unsolicited call after changing to EDF. Stuff the smart meter. They will lose our business.

Anonym  2018-09-12

A very rude and harassing phone call from EDF wanting to fit a smart meter. Was not given any choice, just constant pressure. What a horrible and unpleasant company to deal with.

Anonym  2018-09-12

Didn’t answer but can confirm I have recently changed to EDF. Blocked now!

Anonym  2018-09-11

They called once and the line went dead when I answered. They called again the next day, I missed it and they left no message.

Anonym  2018-09-07

The log on my blocking programme shows they have called 13 times since 27 June - if that isn't harrassment, I don't know what is. I don't want or need a smart meter - I think they should be prosecuted for misrepresentation and downright lies in their advertising.

Anonym  2018-09-06

this number is EDF, no harassing no crap. It is about smart meters

Anonym  2018-09-06

called but no message left

Anonym  2018-09-05

Went to my answering machine, they didn’t leave a message and after reading reports on this site it’s now barred

Anonym  2018-09-04

Phone rang from this number, when I replied the line went dead

Anonym  2018-09-03

I was expecting a return call from a line manager to whose employee I had given a bit of a flea in their ear. The cold caller said she was ringing on behalf of a company in Sutton Coldfield, but this is a Tyneside number. The call was to do with burglar alarms... very annoying, as we're on the TPS list. It usually concentrates their minds if you get all the details you can, in a neutral tone of voice, then tell them a) it's illegal to cold call in England, then b) you'll be talking to the local Trading Standards Officer. Good Luck!

Anonym  2018-09-03

Silent call. Damn annoying as I was in the middle of doing my VAT returns.

Anonym  2018-08-31

I returned the call. Recorded message about EDF smart meters. It gives the option to remove my number from their database, which I've done.

Anonym  2018-08-20

Did not answer but called frequently.

Anonym  2018-08-16

Did not answer, rings often.

Anonym  2018-08-15

I picked it up but it didn't sound like a real call from EDF at all. They wanted to arrange an appointment for same day which is already weird saying the guys are in the area anyway. I'm always curious when they start without introduction and doesn't try to validate my customer info before start speaking. I'm pretty sure it's a FRAUD.

Anonym  2018-08-15

Didn't answer this number, but checked EDF website. Apparently it's EDF Energy smart meter install appointments.

Anonym  2018-08-15

I do not give my landline out to anyone but family so no junk calls at home. However this number keeps calling my mobile but - hurrah - I have a call blocker! Checking log and this no already called four times. Why is regulator not dealing with these nuisance calls - perhaps because the Government is backing smart meters. All this publicity about saving you hundreds of pounds is downright lies and should be tackled by the advertising watchdog.

Anonym  2018-08-14

Calls 2-3 times a day for the last few weeks, haven't answered but seen its EDF. Totally annoying !!!

Anonym  2018-08-14

Rang a few times didn't answer

Anonym  2018-08-14

Did not answer, rings often

Anonym  2018-08-13

Numerous calls from a number I do not recognize and is not on my contact list. They do not leave a message. Your search results suggest it is EDF. Intend to block the number.

Anonym  2018-08-08

calling at least once a day for a few weeks. I don't want a smart meter and am perfectly capable of reading my one meters which I do weekly so if they think a smart meter saves money they are crazy!

Anonym  2018-08-08

Recorded voice, American-sounding accent telling me my "IP has been compromised from several countries. Press extension one now otherwise I will lose my connection." Oh yeah?

Anonym  2018-08-06

I blocked them from my landline, now they are bombarding me with emails and on my mobile. EDF, I keep teelling them I do Not want a smart meter

Anonym  2018-08-04

They've called me twice but didn't leave any massage when I calling them back is not going through

Anonym  2018-08-03


Anonym  2018-08-02

0191 426 5602 She said they were EDF I asked for proof, she asked for my customer number I said I am not falling for what seems to be a scam and ended the call

Anonym  2018-08-01

Silent call again....

Anonym  2018-07-31

Did not answer phone ringing every day

Anonym  2018-07-31

Rings every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Why is this being permitted?

Anonym  2018-07-27

EDF - Told them we can’t authorise a smart metre in our property as it’s not owned by us and to contact the landlord but keep calling!

Anonym  2018-07-26

Keep calling...and no I do NOT want a smart meter. They keep trying. Have now blocked the number

Anonym  2018-07-24

We have told edf time and time again we do not want smart meter and to stop calling us ....they are still calling us is there anywhere I can complain too?

Anonym  2018-07-23

Woman was so rude - said I didn't want a smart meter as read that c1 per cent saving she had the cheek to ask me in a bullying tone if I believed everything I read on the internet! I refused to answer her questions and asked her if it was an obligation of my contract to have a smart meter and she hung up! I'm a new customer and sick of the calls / going to change supplier if this carries on! Suspicious that they want you to have a smart meter so they can use and sell your data! Don't do it!

Anonym  2018-07-23

EDF for smart meter installation

Anonym  2018-07-19

Other comments say it's EDF but we are not EDF customers so blocked the number as they are ringing every day

Anonym  2018-07-18

called 5 times yesterday including the evening and 3x the day before . checked on here to find it was EDF about a smart meter. Im pissed off with their persistance . I re dialed and pressed "1" to be taken off their call list but had 3 more calls after that. I will answer the call next time and have a shout at them regarging harassment

Anonym  2018-07-17

Don't know who called (until I checked on this site) - they hung up as soon as I answered!

Anonym  2018-07-17

EDF wanting to book an appointment to give me a new, free, gas and electric meter. They didn't mention, until I asked, that this would be a smart meter conversion. "I'm just reading off a script, sir." Sneaky!

Anonym  2018-07-16

Did not answer they keep ringing and when i have answered they have hung up.

Anonym  2018-07-13

Apparently EDF -probably wanting me to get a SMART meter

Anonym  2018-07-11

silent call numerous times in the last 2 weeks

Anonym  2018-07-10

rings then hangs up before leaving massge daily

Anonym  2018-07-06

Keeps calling and hanging up. Pressed 1 after calling back, hope it works!

Anonym  2018-07-06

silent call

Anonym  2018-07-06

Sick to death of being harassed by EDF. I emphatically told them that I do not want a smart meter.

Anonym  2018-07-04

EDF wanting to install a smart meter despite us being in the process of leaving them due constantly harassing me on the phone. EDF used to be great but they're crap now - constant phone harrassment even if you ask them not to contact you by phone plus their IT system seems to be falling apart.

Anonym  2018-06-28

Thanks for the tip about calling back and selecting 1 to be removed from their calling list. I was at the end of my tether with these calls - twice they've woken my elderly mum from much needed sleep and I've already told them I absolutely don't want a smart meter - ever.

Anonym  2018-06-27

01914265602 EDF for a smart meter. We told in no uncertain terms a few months ago that we don't want a meter installed and to take us off the call list!! Look at the tip above, rang it and message on other end confirmed the tip. Let's see if it works!

Anonym  2018-06-22

Just had this number ring and hang up ??

Anonym  2018-06-20

thank you for tip to stop them calling.

Anonym  2018-06-19

Edf calling about smart meters, call it back press 1 and it removes your number within 24hrs

Anonym  2018-06-18

Edf, keep phoning offering smart meters which i don't want

Anonym  2018-06-12

EDF. Call every day nuisance

Anonym  2018-06-05

silent call x3

Anonym  2018-06-05

Just had this number call. Hung up as soon as it was answered, rather annoying as wife, who answered is disabled. Noticed comments about edf and smart meteres, we have booked a smart meter installation with edf so cannot relate to this line. Do hope OFFCOM ban callers who hang up, especially when they ring the phones of the disabled who take effort and pain to answer!

Anonym  2018-06-05

I answered the call and they hung up, so didn't know who it was until reading this site. I recently changed over to edf and I am saving money on my bills. However I have no intention of ever having a smart meter fitted because what they don't tell you is that everyone's bills will go up to pay for them and its a government target they have to achieve so blame them. These calls from edf or whoever is calling on their behalf? will damage their reputation and they will loose customers so they need to get the message and pack it in cos its annoying and unprofessional.

Anonym  2018-06-04

EDF Energy regarding offering to install a smart meter. Beware though because depending on the sales person calling they will try to give the impression that you have no choice but to have one fitted by saying something like. "Our engineers are in your area and we are calling to arrange an appointment". In short you are not legally obligated to have one fitted or give any reason why you do not want to have one fitted either as it is your choice as the customer if you want one or not. They must get a huge kickback from somewhere for fitting these as EDF have tried p*stering me by email, phone and letter to have one fitted. No thanks.

Anonym  2018-05-31

Elizabeth of EDF. Rang off when I asked what it was about

Anonym  2018-05-24

rang off before answer phone kick in

Anonym  2018-05-22

EDf chasing smart meters ....we made several appoints last year but they never turned up...I don't want one now and they keep calling... I rang the number back last time and pressed 1 to say i didn't want anymore calls....seems to have worked

Anonym  2018-05-15

My Dad in hosp so Igo to pick up any messages on his anssphone. Thrre are 8 silent messages every 2-3 days. Absolutely sick of the harassment over the last few months.

Anonym  2018-05-09

Call from EDF. The person was pushy and even though I said several times that I did not want a smart meter,if I want to use electricity I will use it and not keep checking on the meter to see how much I'm using, that they weren't compulsory and if people changed to another provider the meter might not be compatible but she still pushed and pushed so I told her in no uncertain terms that I did NOT want a smart meter and she eventually took the hint and rang off.

Anonym  2018-05-02

Rings every day

Anonym  2018-05-01

Having determined it was from EDF Energy, I called the number back (after 7 p.m., f.o.c.) The robot at the other end very politely explained they were calling about Smart Meters, and very kindly offered me the option to press 1 in order not to receive further calls. I pressed 1 SIMPLES!! I have to give them a 'thumbs up' :)

Anonym  2018-04-25

Yep it's EDF about a smart meter

Anonym  2018-04-24

If a call is important why can't they at least leave a message to say why they're calling? No message so I think I'm blocking this one as they always call when I'm at work.

Anonym  2018-04-21

Had a missed call off these didn't pick up just rejected as no caller location come up on my phone, but looking at comments I've just left EDF energy for another supplier so guessing it's them

Anonym  2018-04-19

EDF Energy to install smart meter. I do not want a smart meter but they keep trying. Decided to redial the number. You get to a voice mail and an option to delete your number from their database, by pressing 1, for no further calls. Hooray! just done it, so lets hope no more calls. They can recycle my smart meter to bring down bills,

Anonym  2018-04-19

EDF energy hassling to get a smart meter. Won't give up - VERY persistent!!! Blocking number now!

Anonym  2018-04-18

Believe the call are from North Shields. Blocked EDF from using my landline, so now harassing me on my mobile. I do not want and will not want a smart meter but they will not accept that. As it is not a legal obligation to have one the next phone cal, that I answer may get told in letters of one syllable. Lost number of the times that i have been called.

Anonym  2018-04-18

called left no message pain sick of them

Anonym  2018-04-18

Silent call.

Anonym  2018-04-10

this number rang me ,cut off soon as I pick receiver up

Anonym  2018-04-10

Not even an EDF customer and they keep calling!

Anonym  2018-04-09

EDF Energy. In the area to install a smart meter. Keep telling them i do not want one, but they still keep hassling me. I just lose my temper and put the phone down. I tell them its my money and if i want to keep every light on in the house I will. Costs 96p a year to run a smart meter, so rather save that money by not having one and put it towards keeping an extra light on.

Anonym  2018-04-06

Yup, just had those EDF farquars

Anonym  2018-04-06

EDF continually harrassing for a smart meter they phone every day for the last year

Anonym  2018-04-05

Edf i have persistently told them not to ring me. I must have been called 50-60 times.

Anonym  2018-04-05

EDF smart meter install customer service call who have been calling my mobile once a week for the last 5 weeks so certainly persistent and starting to become irritating. I recognise the number now anyway so don't bother answering anymore. Might remove my mobile number from my EDF profile to see if that stops the calls.

Anonym  2018-04-05

It is a legitimate EDF Energy number (as per their own website). They are looking to install Smart Meters.

Anonym  2018-03-27

EDF Energy. Safe call to answer - your decision if you'd like to have a smart meter installed or not... You can ignore the "dangerous call" notices here. If you ring back with 141 first, you'll see.

Anonym  2018-03-26

Claimed to be EDF. The caller had a very strong accent and was almost impossible to understand. I felt suspicious and asked which property she was calling about. She claimed she did not know, which made me more suspicious and I hung up.

Anonym  2018-03-21

This number as wrung twice a day for the past two months. I do not answer.

Anonym  2018-03-19

Silent call when answered

Anonym  2018-03-16

01914265602 Called a short while ago. We have BT Call Guard Phone. This came through as an "Annouced Call" - one where a caller gives their name and you can choose from 4 options for the call. Number showed up, and as soon as I saw "019..." I opted to allow this call too go to answer machine. Caller rang off not leaving a message. Then I checked number here... Reading the comments here means I will now block this number. They may ring forever - I'll never know :) It is worth investing in a call blocked system. That, and this site, enable one to avoid and eradicate all nuisance, scam and unwanted calls! :)

Anonym  2018-03-15

Dangerous- scammers claining to be EDF. Fortunately not with EDF and the Scammers didn't have a clue who they were talking to. BLOCK THIS NUMBER

Anonym  2018-03-14

Have been calling every day but I haven’t answered. No voicemail left.

Anonym  2018-03-13

call every 2 days, didn't answer

Anonym  2018-03-08

I have made an official complaint abuot this harrassment by ringing EDF on 08000969000. You have to endure an extended wait to get past the usual computerised option choices and actually speak to an operatator, but once i got through, they were apologetic and helpful. If the problem were to continue, after 8 weeks, you can ring the offgem ombudsman on 03304401624 and they will take it further and assist you. It is important to keep a record of everything and the best way to stop it is to make it official.

Anonym  2018-03-06

called today was very insistant about booking an appointment for a smart meter with EDF, then wanted a meter reading,I cut call short, and informed EDF who say they will investigate and that they do not call customers.

Anonym  2018-03-06

they say they are from EDF; however, EDF says YOU should call them to arrange for a smart meter to be installed and that they will never call you.... Scam

Anonym  2018-03-05

Calls every day even though my number is registered with TPS

Anonym  2018-02-14

I As others are saying, this number has been calling my mobile every day at 11.17am this month. I don't ever answer voicemail on my mobile anyway and I don't want their smart meter

Anonym  2018-01-30

2 time to-day as befor

Anonym  2018-01-30

Number keeps calling but when I answer, they hang up...

Anonym  2018-01-30

call center leaves no massage

Anonym  2018-01-26

does not leave messages on answer phone and calls several times every single day and since I checked here that it is about smart meter and saying "no , I do not want one ever " did not get to them in the first place I ignore it . Still it is extremely annoying having to run to the phone to check on display that it is this number not somebody I do want to talk to so I am forced to let all calls go to answer phone first now. Will it ever stop ? Where can I report it or bar it ? I cannot see answers to these questions here so maybe somebody could add them please .

Anonym  2018-01-24

Chose to let it ring out, and then looked it up here. I am an EDF customer but unless I am expecting a call I won't answer it.

Anonym  2018-01-18

Annoying, EDF trying to book smart meter appointment. Already explained that I have a smart meter fitter and more importantly im no longer an EDF customer but they still ring a few times a day!!

Anonym  2018-01-18


Anonym  2018-01-15


Anonym  2018-01-05

Didn't answer as I decided to look up this site first and it rang out.

Anonym  2018-01-02

Yes, as many have said here, it's just EDF trying to book appointments for them to come and fit their smart meters in, nothing to worry about in that sense, it's safe but I had exactly the same thing with Thames Water and when they finally came around, they told me my property wasn't suitable for it anyway, so it was a complete waste of my time, I don't know whether it will be the same with EDF's smart Meter but I've got better things to do with my time than give this any priority, especially if it might turn out that I can't have one anyway, so they will have to wait until I've got a few days to waste, then I'll book an appointment.

Anonym  2017-12-20

EDF Energy - Appointments for smart meter installation.

Anonym  2017-12-20

I didn't answer ..... I get called every single day bloody nuisance

Anonym  2017-12-20

EDF, Extremely Dense f**kers. "when would you like a smart meter installed?" On this date, I replied. Oh we cant do that date, how about this one? Why bother asking me then f**ko??

Anonym  2017-12-15

Rang off after I answered

Anonym  2017-12-15

Call me every morning at same time I don't answer now blocked if as someone says it's EDF I have told them in the past I do not want a smart meter

Anonym  2017-12-14


Anonym  2017-12-14


Anonym  2017-12-11

Edf energy smart meter appointment booking

Anonym  2017-12-11

rang off before answer phone kick in

Anonym  2017-12-08

Never leaves a voicemail message if you can't answer!

Anonym  2017-12-05

It's EDF energy, calling to book in a smart meter appointment. I'd registered my interest online in a few weeks ago.

Anonym  2017-12-04

rang off on picking up.

Anonym  2017-12-02

This number rang my mobile yesterday. I didn’t recognise number & as I’ve already had to block other 0191 numbers ( had an accident blah blah ) I thought this would be another. I answered, stayed silent for couple of seconds then shouted fu** off & hung up. They’ve not called back - yet

Anonym  2017-12-01

I dont answer but they call all the time!!!

Anonym  2017-12-01

This f**ker keeps calling and doesn't f**king speak! we need to do something about these f**king p***s that keep calling.

Anonym  2017-11-30

Frequently rings. Number unknown to us so blocked

Anonym  2017-11-30

They have rung me a few times now, but it only rings twice and then cuts off anyway.

Tru-Caller Transparency  2020-06-12

Somebody from Tel 01914265602 called me at 11:11 hours this morning. When I answered nobody would respond to me. I find calls of this nature both intimidating and vexatious. The authorities should simply delete all numbers operating in this fashion in order to protect the public generally and in particular to protect those who are vulnerable, ageing and/or in poor health.

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Added: 08:41 03-12-2020

Someone called me from this number +514072730 and then they hung up.

Added: 15:03 01-12-2020

This is a local Canadian number I still don`t know who it came from or who left such a long not nice message . Your site told me it was a USA number and the rest was unknown NOT

Added: 17:58 10-11-2020

Florida, someone called me and then hung up...

Added: 12:21 28-10-2020

I ca confirm this was Ikea calling about a scheduled delivery.

Added: 03:43 20-10-2020

Called me in Australia but hung up as soon as I answered.

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this number called told us internet was being compromised to fix dial one bt not with bt any other network dial two American woman five calls in one hour

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EDF energy about smart meters

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