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Added: 18:12 25-05-2020

Hi everyone My company friends of victims UK Ltd has had their indenity stolen by an unknown person the information you see about us is false and their are similar reviews posted on other phone number look up service the British police are investigating this matter as other persons have spoken to them and said they too have had their indenity stolen to write these reviews there is also a hacked Twitter account @deankevinBrewer posting anti Muslim tweets racist matriel witch has got nothing to do with friends of victims UK Ltd if anybody has any information about who is doing this they can inform us immediately as this would help us build a case against this individual and this stupid behaviour stop We are not cold calling anybody we are selling stolen goods on our website as the website was taken down by us while we help the police resolve matter As company managing director I take matters of indenity theft very seriously and we are still trying to locate the offender and offer support the victims total there has been 168 confilm cases of indenity theft each case has been report to the britidh fruad unit they are also working with local police to try and this person who is doing this up until now a suspect has been identified and they will be speaking with their care support team to cross check the persons known crimes Like I said just a moment ago we are a fully registered company within the UK and are a registered registered company for tax purposes I'm sincerely sorry for any inconvenience caused by this person actions Kind regards Dean Brewer Managing director Friends of victims UK Ltd

Added: 11:41 23-05-2020

I got a phone call that flagged up as an international call from 01713517606 saying the UK government was offering a free boiler to anyone on benefits. The phone number was obviously fake as it was showing as a UK number. I ignored it.

Added: 17:30 15-05-2020

Answered this call and it was completely silent.

Added: 18:03 10-05-2020

Caller using this number 6625371688 calls and hangs up

Added: 23:16 08-05-2020

Called me and stayed silent for like nine to twelve seconds then hung up.

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Searched: 04:56 02-06-2020

A robot talking on answer "This is BT Technical Dept, your IP address has been compromised press 1 to be put through to operative" I'm not with BT. Dread to think what they try and convince you of when you press 1!

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Searched: 04:56 02-06-2020

Gentleman said he was called ‘George’ and was calling on behalf of UK Nationals, want help doing a survey. When I said I’d already done one, before I’d finished asking him to take me off their database, he’d hung up!!! Very rude!

Searched: 04:56 02-06-2020

The above number called me this morning early I called it back but the call failed

Searched: 16:34 06-03-2020

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