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Added: 11:41 23-05-2020

I got a phone call that flagged up as an international call from 01713517606 saying the UK government was offering a free boiler to anyone on benefits. The phone number was obviously fake as it was showing as a UK number. I ignored it.

Added: 17:30 15-05-2020

Answered this call and it was completely silent.

Added: 18:03 10-05-2020

Caller using this number 6625371688 calls and hangs up

Added: 23:16 08-05-2020

Called me and stayed silent for like nine to twelve seconds then hung up.

Added: 10:44 07-05-2020

4 seasons gardeners ….. white van. no logo. Business card with this mobile number. no address. no landline.Just ripped off an old man with Alzheimers. £250 to trim a bush. 1 hours work.

Added: 23:56 06-05-2020

Some woman that asked for my name wanting a donation for something I don’t know what because I was so mad I told whoever to not call again

Added: 14:52 06-05-2020

could and said please stay on the line and one of our agents will be with you shortly caller was with an American accent

Added: 23:25 04-05-2020

Said from Fedex.. not sure

Added: 17:35 02-05-2020

Just google 07520671986 and you will find lots of sites saying this is a scam. It happened today to me too.

Added: 11:19 02-05-2020

Kalastia Consultancy ltd SCAMMERS

Added: 00:52 02-05-2020

Another spammer

Added: 16:32 01-05-2020

Tried getting me to submit a code of an account they were trying to get into. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFO.

Added: 16:27 30-04-2020

No name or address associated with this phone number. Must be a scammer sending test messeges saying unusual activity on your account please call.

Added: 20:13 28-04-2020

Three calls a day, ID shows as "Wireless".

Added: 20:13 28-04-2020

Said they were selling life insurance and name was beau. Even showed my street address was spooky

Added: 14:47 27-04-2020

This number is bogus. They are sending texts for contracting jobs. They do not answer on the phone just trying to get information.

Added: 08:25 24-04-2020

this number rang my phone and when I answered it dialled out

Added: 22:02 23-04-2020

This person text to let me know that he knocked on my door today to deliver a Samsung S20 phone, but I did not answer the door. Well, I did not hear the knock. I don't know why someone would be knocking on my door with a phone of any kind. I did not order one. If it's a package for me, how did he know it was a phone! And how in the hell did he get my number to text me! He gave me this weird website, which is not a website. I tried to trace the phone number he gave me online. Could not find him. I think the number is from California. I know no one in that State.

Added: 18:21 23-04-2020

Without a name, this does not help.

Added: 18:17 21-04-2020

When I searched, there were a few listings saying it was "Western Portable Buildings", but I have never heard of that business before and they didn't leave a message, so I have no way of knowing if that is correct.

Added: 18:54 19-04-2020

Nuisance caller in the UK.

Added: 14:26 19-04-2020

this number 07435661976 called me on 16 march 2020 07.34am I do not know caller

Added: 13:51 19-04-2020

this number 07435661976 called me on the 16 march 2020 07.34am annoying I do not know this number so since blocked it

Added: 15:55 14-04-2020

Averill House Vineyard

Added: 15:49 13-04-2020

when you can't put your name on your phone to tell the person you are calling then there is something you are doing that is not right.

Added: 18:57 10-04-2020


Added: 21:12 06-04-2020

i need current location, places, house, names of the peoples, tracking cell phone everywhere gordon powell john gose now, june 17,1962 date of births

Added: 21:08 06-04-2020

he is cheating on he wife now and i need very stop and places he go too, im mad at him

Added: 15:35 01-04-2020

I received a text from this number saying I could get 6K gov't support for career/bills here by replying FUNDS1 then follow 2 minute instructions.I this legit or fake?

Added: 18:50 31-03-2020

called multiple times and hung up

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You just have to visit our website and enter the unknown number into the system. It has never been easier. Our tolls search for necessary information for you. This solution helps you unmask the caller. For example, when your ex boyfriend/girlfriend want to contact you, you can simply recognize him or her. Moreover, it is beneficial when someone did you a bad joke and you want to find him. There are a lot of situations which demand caller searching. Another thing is that sometimes the owner of the cell phone need our help. Maybe he has lost his phone? Or what is worse, maybe he is in hospital and remember only your number? Obviously, it is not often, but who knows…Future is hard to forecast. As a result, you may need to find a caller. With us it is possible and easy. We propose to you specialized tolls, which are important in case of searching and unmask a person who called you.

How else to check an unknown number ?

Once you searched a given number, additional information from other users is displayed. They are generally warnings or details about the conversations or interactions they had with this number. You may find detailed messages such as: “Scam. Connected to Tunisian scammers buying numbers from the Carphone Warehouse...”, vague information such as: “Calls you at 2 in the morning and won´t talk to you…” or surmises such as: “It should be a business manufacturing health related products in shanghai china”. If nothing is displayed, you can leave your own message and wait till the community helps you with more information.

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