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Added: 09:13 17-01-2020

Do you know whose phone number is this ? He call me everyday

Added: 12:46 13-01-2020

Unknown caller !!!!! very frustrating

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

ALS Group wanting to do a survey. I declined but they persisted so I blocked the number.

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Unknown number for me. Didn't answer and blocked it.

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

From Stonehaven in Scotland. They didn’t leave a message and only rang once. Not sure who they are or what they do.

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

HMRC scam nonsense again, block block block!!!!!!!

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Aggressive message. Prerecorded message asking for a call back to HMRC on this number threatening legal action. IGNORE

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Said he was Eddie from Microsoft. I said I know this is a scam, why are you trying to defraud people? He said I'm a stubborn man. Anything else? I replied what you're doing is wrong, you should get s job. He said get off the line and put the phone down. Beware these scammers with zero conscience.

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Had a txt message.from this number claiming to be DVLA saying I am owed a refund on a tax over payment however I have never owned driven or taxed a car. I think this is a scam

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Silent,rings twice a day.now blocked.

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Just received call from this number after that knowing sound that It was from a automated call system and then I got male person say Butt Cxxt and put the phone down Charming organisation now blocked

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Charges your account

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Some automated American voice saying BT will cut off my internet today, call either 1 or 2. Put the phone down to these bas'rds!

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

automated message claimed to be from bt and warning that my internet connection was about to be terminated....I terminated their call immediately

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Scam. Silent call. Does not accept incoming. Call cannot be resolved on callback.

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Poor quality recorded message about compromised broadband.

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Obvious Asian dialect saying there is a problem with my Broadband connection. Believe this is a scam

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Called me but I didn't answer cos it wasnt saved in my contacts.

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Ignored the call, I don't know anyone in Truro.

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Sent a text message saying someone knows the password of my email account, with a link to change it.

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Said she was from Microsoft. I said "of course you are". She mumbled. So I said "Go on tell me what you were going to say" Silence so I told her she was trying to scam me .... She hung up

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Yet another scam

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Silent call block it!

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Called claiming to be from BT wanted me to check my internet connection, when I told him BT are not our supplier he said that doesn't matter. Got suspicious at that point and hung up. Tried calling the number back it said the number had not been recognised. He sounded just like the chap who called yesterday claiming to be from Sky ????

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Call came in intercepted by announced call system no message left

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

International ! No message left.

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Claim to be from BT Open Reach wanting to fix a problem with my router.

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

BT internet connection.

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Don't know who call is from. Its a Norwich number..

Added: 00:00 01-02-2019

Called it back and said invalid number.. So obviously a scam. ????

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Free reverse phone number lookup

There is nothing simpler than finding out a caller´s identity when you have an entire community to help you. With a single phone number you can find out everything you need to know before answering a call. Don´t fret anymore every single time you answer an unknown call. Now you have in your hands the key to the safety and organization of your phone contacts. Our website provides you with a free reverse number lookup tool in which you only need to enter a given number to learn every information registered about it. Next time your phone rings, you don´t need to answer with an interrogation mark on your face. With the help of our phone number lookup system you will know beforehand who is calling you.

How does number lookup works ?

Simplicity is the key to this system, since all the information is gathered through crowdsourcing. It´s as simple as entering a number and writing everything you know about it. Since this website is one of the most popular phone number search engines available in the U.S., the database covers most of the numbers you can come across. However, for those numbers who haven´t yet been unmasked, you can ask for help to the community of users like you, who contribute to the functioning of this website. You don´t need to be 100 percent sure about the information of a given number; all the data is double-checked by subsequent users who check the given number or who come across it by chance on our website. In this way we build a reliable and constantly updated database which can be used for free by anyone who needs it.

Someone called me from an unknown number: How to check it?

There is something eerie about calls from unknown numbers, as we never know what to expect. It may be, as usual, some new acquaintance, business partner or client who has simply a private number, who blocks their ID for some reason or whose number you haven´t registered yet. But there are potential dangers and annoyances that we must prevent if we want to improve the quality of our phone calls. Here is how to easily check a phone number.

In order to unblock IDs you can always use some app which, installed in your phone, allows you to reveal the phone number from which you´re being called. But what to do once you get a phone number with no information about its owner´s identity? On our website there is a simple but very efficient tool for unmasking mysterious callers and spotting pranksters and potential scammers. The crowdsourcing format of our database information acquisition guarantees a constantly updated information center where you can find anything you need to know about a certain phone our Phone number lookup. This allows you to check whether the caller is a real person or a company and what the reason of the call may be. Here you can check the level of safety of the given number according to the ratings given by other users.

Whose phone number is this ?

You have a missing call and you´re left with a phone and no idea who the owner is. Or you´ve done and received several calls and you haven´t had time to register them all in your contacts, so now you´re afraid of calling or texting the wrong person. How to solve these situations? Nothing could be simpler. You just need to access our home page and, in the search bar “Phone number lookup” you just need to enter the given phone number. Click on “Find phone number” and all the information available in our database will be displayed. If the caller has been recognized by someone before, you will see the information available about this person or company: Name, rating and degree of security: From dangerous to safe, according to other users´ experience. You will also see individual comments from all the users who have dealt with this number before. From this information you can assess whether it is safe to call back this number or not or you can even find out exactly who this person or company is and what the reason of the call might have been.

What if there is no information available about a given phone number ?

If you´ve entered a given phone number and no results are displayed, you don´t need to fret. The search has just begun. Now it´s time for the community to give you a hand and tell you all they know about this particular phone number. You just need to fill in the field “Add information about number” with your query. It´s important to be as detailed as possible: To tell what time they called and why the call was missed or, in case you answered, what you can surmise from the conversation: Whether they introduced themselves; what the apparent purpose of the call was. Every information you give is a step forward to revealing the identity of this phone number.

How to find out who a phone number belongs to?

Have you received a call from an unknown number and you´ve missed the call or you haven´t answered for safety reasons? If you want to know who´s calling you before taking the call, here is what you need to do: If the phone number is legit and the person or company trying to contact you has nothing to hide, the number should be registered in some directory and a simple reverse phone lookup should suffice to find it. In WorldPhoneLookup we have an exhaustive list of companies and private phone owners registered on our database. The first step to take to check whether a phone number is legit is to enter it in our Phone number search engine and see if you get some positive results. If no information about the given phone number is available, it might be simply the case that the number is new or unregistered, but it might be also a sign of danger. The next step in this case is to leave a comment about the way this phone number tried to contact you. Other users may later on contribute with extra information that helps creating a profile on this number.

What are the advantages of free reverse phone number lookup ?

To start with, it´s for free, which means not only that you don´t have to pay, but also that many people use it. More than 500 numbers are added every day to our database thanks to our straightforward method of gathering information. There´s no need to sign up to contribute to our database and yet the information available on the website is very accurate due to the crowdsourcing element, which ensures constant updates and verified information. There is no easier and faster way of finding out who called you and why. Start using our phone number lookup tool and see by yourself how easy it is to have safe and organized phone conversations.

Phone number search

Our company provides tolls which can simply check the personality of the caller. When you have got few missed calls from unknown number, you surely want to unmask the owner of this number. Our website propose to you specialized toll to find the caller. It is possible only with using databases. Our company takes advantages of effective databases, which are publicly available. Nowadays, there is no need of searching unknown number with police. You only need our website and internet connection, of course. What is more, now our tolls are more and more popular, because there is growing need of recognizing the numbers. For example this solution is helpful when we have company and a lot of people call us. Maybe we do not want to talk with everybody who calls us. Now, a lot of companies would like to find clients by telemarketing. It is exhausting sometimes. So, in many cases such as undesirable phones our solution is useful.

How to quickly find the owner of the number ?

You just have to visit our website and enter the unknown number into the system. It has never been easier. Our tolls search for necessary information for you. This solution helps you unmask the caller. For example, when your ex boyfriend/girlfriend want to contact you, you can simply recognize him or her. Moreover, it is beneficial when someone did you a bad joke and you want to find him. There are a lot of situations which demand caller searching. Another thing is that sometimes the owner of the cell phone need our help. Maybe he has lost his phone? Or what is worse, maybe he is in hospital and remember only your number? Obviously, it is not often, but who knows…Future is hard to forecast. As a result, you may need to find a caller. With us it is possible and easy. We propose to you specialized tolls, which are important in case of searching and unmask a person who called you.

How else to check an unknown number ?

Once you searched a given number, additional information from other users is displayed. They are generally warnings or details about the conversations or interactions they had with this number. You may find detailed messages such as: “Scam. Connected to Tunisian scammers buying numbers from the Carphone Warehouse...”, vague information such as: “Calls you at 2 in the morning and won´t talk to you…” or surmises such as: “It should be a business manufacturing health related products in shanghai china”. If nothing is displayed, you can leave your own message and wait till the community helps you with more information.

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