This phone belongs to the Austin Info Systems Inc company, based in 75082-1800 Richardson, Richardson

Who called from this phone number: 9724247740 ?

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anonym - about: 02032072327

This number appears on a D/D at my bank that was set up without my permission very dangerous

anonym - about: 01618505620

Just received a call from T 01618505620 telling me that a law suit has been taken out against me from the HMRC. Is there any way that these type of calls can blocked via the BT exchanges.

anonym - about: 1646544-9292


anonym - about: 6193244159

This person calls my phones says that its an officer and deals with IRS. Anyone else have any info?

anonym - about: 8438335062

a guy with this number tried to extort my friend for money. I am trying to find a way to catch this mf

anonym - about: 7023396444

calls and when I answer get message that voice mail has been sent?

anonym - about: +44%202088756433

called recently and hung up

anonym - about: 6512638260

Probably a prank or a wrong number but the person is a stubborn ass hole. Probably think KS in someone else and I asked who's this and they called me a bitch saying they just returned my call... I never got a call from them?

anonym - about: 01752237990

They ring you answer no one speaks and this happens again and again

anonym - about: 02031214095

Recording said they were talk talk and line went dead

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