Who called from this phone number: 971561155114 ?

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anonym - about: 9373090132

Made a blanket request (not specific to which item) asking if items I had for sale on line were still available. Responded via text as to what items they were talking about and told them to call me. No response. Probably an online yard sale scammer, wanted my email address and would not communicate with me any other way. This phone number is not anywhere near where I live.

anonym - about: 01613549040

Leaves no answer several times a day

anonym - about: 3372142132


anonym - about: 9892546529


anonym - about: 7375457223

a message from "HMRC" saying I'm due a tax refund of £1,271 and to click on a link. Definitely not legit!

anonym - about: 02034766933

Automatic callers constantly ringing, nobody answers. Block'em all, this number and any other related numbers 020347669XX

anonym - about: 8347969979

messaging me...i dont like...

anonym - about: 8885877708

Called to say I was being audited by IRS

anonym - about: 07734785654


anonym - about: 3474488105

Annoying! I get calls from this number several times a day. Caller ID shows Samuel Aaron as the caller but it is a telemarketer. Don't pick up!

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