Who called from this phone number: 971508277187 ?

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anonym - about: 4027692651

Have called me several times, but there is no message when they leave a voice mail.

anonym - about: 2692403214

Don't know the number want to find out who it is

anonym - about: 8636174037%20

Keeps calling. Try calling back says out of service. When they call no one is there? Wtf

anonym - about: 001979194727

Rings, you answer and they dont say anything yet you can hear breathing in the background.

anonym - about: 02030020312

Several calls over a couple of days. Always around 5pm. Didn't recognise the number. No message left.

anonym - about: 3476762769

Robo call about claiming a listing. Called every day, finally had to block number.

anonym - about: 09303977254

Jonathan sabado

anonym - about: +12052351056

i just want it to know if this is not a fake number or an scam number. he said he.swnd package in my counsin in philippines but why we need to pay a morethan 15,000 pesos before we can claim the.pakage.

anonym - about: 6626690306

This number has called and texted my phone mutiple times and will not tell me who they are

anonym - about: +2348116105998

Sent a text msg me to refund someone property. I don't know .. I tried calling back it wouldn't go

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