Who called from this phone number: 9650950038 ?

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anonym - about: 5705270580


anonym - about: 2709366052

Wouldn't answer when asked what the call was pertaining to just kept asking to speak to a certain person.

anonym - about: 3376551010


anonym - about: 0121318227

phoned today on landline who is it?

anonym - about: 7206212594

I got a missed call from this number and I want to know whose number is this.

anonym - about: 6673143218

getting calls in Spanish do not understand

anonym - about: 6514018651

i received a text message from this number. seems like a scam, not sure how my number was given to this man named "mark" promoting his money making business.

anonym - about: 070319%2083789

Fraudster is requesting quotations with the intention to order goods using the e-mail addresses v.m.john@gre-edu.co.uk, and v.m.john@netscape.com. You are strongly advised as follows: • Do NOT process any documents, particularly requests for quotes or invoices containing the addresses v.m.john@gre-edu.co.uk and v.m.john@netscape.com or any similar suspicious e-mails; • Only accept Purchase Orders for goods, service and works requirements via the University’s e-Procurement system; and • Forward all communications regarding the above or any other scam to the Metropolitan Police Action Fraud squad; • Forward this e-mail to your trade association or Chamber of Commerce requesting that they inform their members of the fraudulent practice.

anonym - about: 5172100197

Me Artis

anonym - about: 2036858367

they call and a recording tells you thye will eliminate your debt. when you ask them how they will do that, they want to know your credit card debt. when I said zero, they spoke in Indian together, then hung up.

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