Who called from this phone number: 9437219798 ?

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anonym - about: 4168782800

I have not this number in my contacts

anonym - about: 8446424289

Missed the call. Called it back from a land line not associated with me. Good thing. It is an IRS scam. IRS will not call you. The person who answered was foreign and barely understandable. I repeat, IRS does not make phone calls...this is a SCAM

anonym - about: 9373090132

Made a blanket request (not specific to which item) asking if items I had for sale on line were still available. Responded via text as to what items they were talking about and told them to call me. No response. Probably an online yard sale scammer, wanted my email address and would not communicate with me any other way. This phone number is not anywhere near where I live.

anonym - about: 8645900908


anonym - about: 2059209332

2059209332 sending texts that they are Facebook doing a check of numbers and threatening to delete my Facebook Account

anonym - about: 700046032

Charged 3 times for messages from this number. Don't know who from.

anonym - about: 5108261041

Calls at least 10 times a day, not saying anything when I answer the phone.

anonym - about: 0120449531

Called saying they were from Thames Water and needed to make an appointment to check my water meter

anonym - about: 4192199016

Recording says there is a warrant for my arrest. Please 4192199016 a federal IRS agent is waiting for your call.

anonym - about: 5204014058

They keep calling with no answer and their voice mail message sounds creepy and they keep calling under multiple 520-401 numbers!

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