This phone belongs to the Claire's Boutique company, based in 76308-2816 Wichita Falls, Wichita Falls

Who called from this phone number: 9406927292 ?

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anonym - about: 4064042574

Online yard sale buyer/scammer looking to rip you off.

anonym - about: 118444321116

woman said she was from Comcast but I was skeptical because the first 2 numbers in phone number were 1's.

anonym - about: 01204158239

COLD CALL SCAMMERS - Don't deal... I was called 06/12 @ 14:10 on a restricted number. Caller claimed to be a "Transient Claims Specialists" which then boils down to "I've been told you've had an accident over the past three years that wasn't your fault"... Actually I've never had a crash so F*CK OFF....

anonym - about: 7023352119


anonym - about: 01534287868

I don't know that number and it worries me.

anonym - about: 08005335055


anonym - about: 01133207781

A call was received from this number to do with UK Pension Reviews, Bradford

anonym - about: 2543342816

Keep receiving calls and the person stays on the line and laughs

anonym - about: 01212809188

Sends offensive messages

anonym - about: 410%20808%205701

Lurks craigslist to cheat on his wife. Real name Patrick Kennedy. From Baltimore area. Harassing and sleazy.

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