This phone belongs to the Wild Bloom Flowers Inc company, based in 27523-5120 Apex, 2005 Ironsides Ln

Who called from this phone number: 9193678848 ?

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anonym - about: 01917299780

Called and made me believe my family members were in a n accident. Not cool

anonym - about: 7873035000

any info on this number in Puerto Rico?

anonym - about: 14161002000

14161002000 (416) area code is a Toronto area code # sounded as along distance in aToronto area weird isn't it?

anonym - about: 6143236477

melissa faggie

anonym - about: 01284129953

Called claiming to offer protection from nuisance calls!

anonym - about: 2819947518

Called several times in past few days. I don't answer calls I don't know. I have now blocked the number.

anonym - about: 9203416351

Called and left no voice mail. Didn't know who this was. Didn't answer cell phone

anonym - about: 02030020312

Several calls over a couple of days. Always around 5pm. Didn't recognise the number. No message left.

anonym - about: 2603302005


anonym - about: 01509358503

This is an auto dialer from Nexbridge communications checking for live phone lines to pass on .

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