Who called from this phone number: 9192496897 ?

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anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

sounds like an elderly woman. I couldn't understand what she was saying

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anonym - about: 8401507252

usually calls between 12:00MN to 3:00AM, when you pick up drops the call, then calls agai

anonym - about: 8504067267

Florida number that calls, doesn't leave voicemail, and when answered, doesn't respond. Spooky...

anonym - about: 9892561705

Whos number

anonym - about: 01155847074

Someone or autosystem (not too sure as the sentences were good english but not entirely sensible) claiming to be from Translink .... (didn't catch all of it) about an accident I had been in (I haven't). Abruptly finished saying they would update their records and hung up

anonym - about: 02032895586

A phone call saying that her majesty revenue and customs are filing a lawsuit against you please press 1 to speak to your Cass officer

anonym - about: 02034766933

Automatic callers constantly ringing, nobody answers. Block'em all, this number and any other related numbers 020347669XX

anonym - about: 07738094724

Keep ringing morning,noon and night what is with them just stop ringing

anonym - about: 5625878472

anonym - about: 07919524568

some one messaged me saying is this right so I text back and asked who it was but no reply

anonym - about: 01207552162

pain in the butt caller !! con artist trying to get your give bank cards details and the 3 digit pin on back of card, played along with them giving fake numbers to a bank card when they noticed it did not work hung up on me !!


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