Who called from this phone number: 9165774967 ?

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anonym - about: 3202072375

Phone call telling me I owe money on a loan i never received and harassing my family members

anonym - about: 01202427926

another one claiming to be BT asian caller

anonym - about: 4103423414

4103423414 called said they were from Microsoft and that my computer was infected with downloaded virus, wanted me to go on computer while they were on the line. Ha Ha Ha , really dangerous scam, shut these guys down!

anonym - about: 2036027247

Unknown number get too many unknown calls

anonym - about: 4192199016

Recording says there is a warrant for my arrest and to call 4192199016 a federal IT'S agent is waiting for my call.

anonym - about: 01903201180

called me abput a lisa brown said she didnt live here didnt know her he said your lisa brown, her mother her daughter asked my name declined sai i lived in ml4 i dont then he hung up really cheeky foreign gent

anonym - about: 19831476055

Windows tech scam. Do not give any info or take directions for computer! SCAM

anonym - about: 07837462889

This number was dialled from my son's iPhone after it was stolen from him in Manchester so someone who knows the criminals.

anonym - about: 02087468567

Silent call. Hung up

anonym - about: 3044553013

1000 3rd street new martinsville wv

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