Who called from this phone number: 9050092989 ?

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anonym - about: 6512638260

Probably a prank or a wrong number but the person is a stubborn ass hole. Probably think KS in someone else and I asked who's this and they called me a bitch saying they just returned my call... I never got a call from them?

anonym - about: 01282%20936551

yet another dodgy investment company ringing up unsolicited call

anonym - about: 8647064837


anonym - about: 07734785654


anonym - about: 3136034228

Annyoying. Keeps calling won't stop calling every time very annoying and disturbing

anonym - about: 2132913234

They call and leave a message saying They are from the Internal revenue service.

anonym - about: 6194241069

This number belongs to Mark Cornejo and Carolina Valenzuela they are fraudulent and prank calling people like telemarketers do and try to get information from you. When they call they often use fake names on their phones We must stop these people from getting away with this spread the word.

anonym - about: +8187000111

some one called,i am unknownly reject call.i want know who called to me

anonym - about: 3150008006

Government want to give $200 with help with you with your bills.

anonym - about: 01753387182

Said they were Scotish Power.... and seeing if I wanted a to discuss going with them, but I am already with Scotish Power

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