Who called from this phone number: 8959122644 ?

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anonym - about: 5622004625

RoboCaller for CC company They say we have been monitoring your CC use & you qualify for a Zero % credit card rate. Be STUPID enough to believe this and answer all our questions about your Income, Workplace & $ you have in the bank & at home.

anonym - about: 0203%20837%204863

Rang my mobile 11.26 today did not leave a message

anonym - about: 8552170654

harassing phone call trying to get personal information

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anonym - about: 2532027532


anonym - about: 5407079282

Recording claims to want to loan me money with no payback schedule. Yeah, right. I mark it as dangerous because who does that? Possibly they want my bank account # so they can empty my account. No business name is given, which also is suspicious.

anonym - about: 01619745813

Missed the call, rang back, call refuses to connect. I'm on the TPS list. Doubt it's legit.

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anonym - about: 5123552099

John Chotras

anonym - about: 000395663232

indian voice,said he was from technical dept of BT..As I dont have BT I put the phone down.

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