Who called from this phone number: 8774439432 ?

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anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

Calling in regards to speaking to my attorney.. stop calling me!

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anonym - about: 5022080954 2018-06-02 00:31:03

Not sure about this. They called & hung up, no message.

anonym - about: 5024071702 2018-06-02 00:31:03

They sent me a creepy picture and won't tell me who they are

anonym - about: 7855062567 2018-06-02 00:31:03

found number

anonym - about: 01612776650 2018-06-02 00:31:03

I couldn't answer the call. I want to know who is because maybe is from an agency for a job. My phone rang and I couldn't take it

anonym - about: 700038474 2018-06-02 00:31:03

I'm still trying to get to the bottom of this. It started in Dec 2015 with a charge of £1.33. I've been paying it for a year and had not noticed. In now, November 216, totals £144. It may have been because I voted on the X-Factor using the app. I don't remember doing it, but apparently EE tell me it's a subscription service. By voting you are subscribing and will be charged £2.50 a week until you cancel the subscription. Don't fall into the same trap. Check your bill and contact Zamano to cancel the subscription. Be aware you will never speak to a real person it's a robot automated response. You can swear as much as you like it, it won't make any difference. I am not hopeful that the money will be refunded. It's legalized fraud in which EE happily take part with a third party.

anonym - about: 01210529766 2018-06-02 00:31:03

Call from Birmingham area: "I hear you've been involved in a car accident that wasn't your fault"

anonym - about: 12892715939 2018-06-02 00:31:03

Texted me when I asked who is this they said guess and never responded

anonym - about: 9474197509 2018-06-02 00:31:03

I'm on the Do Not Call list and I am so over the call and hangup.

anonym - about: %2008764220314 2018-06-02 00:31:03

rang me at 2am when I rang back it said number invalid rang me again today at 11.30am man answered said hello twice I asked who it was so he hung up I rang straight back number invalid again?

anonym - about: 17703755775 2018-06-02 00:31:03

Prank called me and just making sure I'm not assuming who this person is before things get started


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