This phone belongs to the Advance Transformer Co company, based in 60018-6412 Rosemont, 10275 W Higgins Rd

Who called from this phone number: 8473905000 ?

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anonym - about: 553039314

Someone called screaming "help me" I do not recognize this number nor know who called!

anonym - about: 40764016317

tried to use my credit card at

anonym - about: 3219647501

robert conrad

anonym - about: 017456894266

Keeps ringing when we answer it hang's up

anonym - about: 2626820056

Received a call on my cell from this number saying that we had recently stayed at their resort and had been chosen for a free vacation to Orlando or the Bahamas. Hung up before she could say any more. The only resort we've ever stayed at was local and a man owned it. This call was totally a scam.

anonym - about: +15623964012

They just randomly texted me something vulgar and won't say who they are

anonym - about: 9542813323

Telemarketer calling from the "Medicare Department" selling Part D insurance. Not from a reputable insurance company, just a phishing cold call.

anonym - about: 3053055428

Number: 3053055428 called left automated message saying they were from the Treasury Department. Gave a call back number, I won't call it. It's a well known scam.

anonym - about: 0599804162

Got a call initially speaking in Arabic and there after could get the nationality and started talking in hindi. He informed that i got xxxxxxxxxxxx riyals and read my sim no and wanted me check and call back. Then i searched this no. on your site and posting this for the information and caution of every one. When called back no response

anonym - about: 7345357056

An African-American male called, said "Hey listen, B, you hit my car and left a note with your phone number, you owe me for a bumper and a tail light!"

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