This phone belongs to the Frances Manor company, based in 60016-1205 Des Plaines, 1270 E Golf Rd # 1270

Who called from this phone number: 8473901270 ?

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anonym - about: 447537129006

Kim phillips

anonym - about: 02477952160

Rang twice in one day answered first call no response so hung up. Then the second call

anonym - about: 269%20252%204905

They say sweet things to me and i want to thank them in person

anonym - about: 01010000587

Ringing my number but asking for my husband when I ask who's calling they hang up

anonym - about: 01236546097

Several calls but never any message left - block this number.

anonym - about: 023485926

This number (023485926) is only 9 digits long instead of the mandatory 10 so it is a dead give-away that it is a scammer using a fake number. They called consecutively 3 times, on my system scammers are automatically diverted to "Its Lenny" (Google it). The first time they spoke to Lenny for 10 minutes, the second time for 3 minutes and the last time for 1 minute. Scammers must hate it when they realise they have been scammed themselves. :-)

anonym - about: 01204158239

COLD CALL SCAMMERS - Don't deal... I was called 06/12 @ 14:10 on a restricted number. Caller claimed to be a "Transient Claims Specialists" which then boils down to "I've been told you've had an accident over the past three years that wasn't your fault"... Actually I've never had a crash so F*CK OFF....

anonym - about: 4138755128

Person texted me and i dont know who it is

anonym - about: 6029932581

Unsolicited call, told them to not call me, they told me to send them my daughter so they could fuck her.

anonym - about: 4322094478

My girlfriend was texting this number and said that if person whoever owns this number if they still wanted to go out that she still wanted to go out with them I'm just trying to find out who it is that's it basically

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