This phone belongs to the Goren Eye Assoc company, based in 60068-1343 Park Ridge, 1420 Renaissance Dr # 315

Who called from this phone number: 8473900758 ?

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anonym - about: 02036775430

This number keeps calling despite being told to remove our number from their books

anonym - about: 9564433044

Sending me messages and I've asked who this is but no response

anonym - about: 3185449134

Lookup through an shows number as registered to Mrs Misty Nolan from Mabank, TX USA. That is however not correct information. The number has never been connected to this person.

anonym - about: 9545316834


anonym - about: +46765193895

Claims my Apple id has been suspended. I do not have one. Suggests I go to

anonym - about: 4699147211

They have called numerous times, always silence. I tried to call back and got "Sorry, this is not a working number".

anonym - about: 01259723403

Just want to see if this is the campsite we have booked

anonym - about: 6029201369


anonym - about: 01618505620

As with others an automated call saying that HMRC are filing a law suit against us, but there is no reason that should be the case!! Also tell you to press Option 1 to speak to your case worker - which I didn't do but would be interesting to know what would happen if you did ??

anonym - about: 01010000587

Ringing my number but asking for my husband when I ask who's calling they hang up

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