Who called from this phone number: 8447930999 ?

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anonym - about: 6036173220 2018-08-13 19:43:16

Called twice on cell, no VM. Very few have my cell#, so it's a little creepy to get repeated unknown calls. All I know is it is from Dover, NH area and the carrier is a company called level(3).

anonym - about: 812%20%20509%203766 2018-08-13 19:43:16

this person has been sending msgs about my girlfriend

anonym - about: 5159758135 2018-08-13 19:43:16

Keeps calling don't want this number harassing us

anonym - about: 4134440293 2018-08-13 19:43:16

Sends random texts including my home address to me

anonym - about: 1646712989 2018-08-13 19:43:16

Advised he mailed me something. I am homeless and do not have a mailing address.

anonym - about: 8552175229 2018-08-13 19:43:16

Robot call..."we have paperwork for"...if you know the whereabouts of...please hit any button on your phone! Sounds as if they are threatening arrest...Possibly dangerous. Don't give money or talk to them!

anonym - about: 02071369913 2018-08-13 19:43:16

Message saying id subscribed to Norton security . I certainly didn't subscribe to any mobile security without my knowledge ? . It's a number I certainly don't know .

anonym - about: 0015675874000 2018-08-13 19:43:16

Had call saying they were BT and that they had a problem with hackers and needed to check our router and work out if they could fix the problem remotely or if they needed to send an engineer. They asked me to confirm I was the account holder but I said if they really were BT then they could tell me. They said my husband was the account holder, but used my sons first name. Clearly this was a scam - our son lives with us but does not pay the bills. I checked with BT and yes they do have indian call centres but said they would tell me my account number if they called me but wouldn't ask me for any account information such as passwords of course. It was really scary as my husband is in hospital and when the phone rang first thing this morning my guard was down as I expected the call to be the hospital. Mrs Wallace

anonym - about: 7979038644 2018-08-13 19:43:16

Makinng calls constantly and irritating

anonym - about: 6673143218 2018-08-13 19:43:16

getting calls in Spanish do not understand


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