This phone belongs to the Bernie & Son's Yard Mntnce company, based in 95023-3117 Hollister, 1355 Edgewood Dr

Who called from this phone number: 8316359180 ?

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anonym - about: 9562323114

Some scummy collection agency calling about a cash advance. Threatened felony charges.

anonym - about: 3146942534

"IRS" with a pending lawsuit. OOOOOOHHHHH SCARY!!!! I happened to miss the call but it was on my cell phone voice mail. A computerized voice saying it was the IRS and to call them back. HA!

anonym - about: 07947647674

Keeps ringing when I answered no one there

anonym - about: 815%20319%203533

This person did not call but i need to know who it is so i can invite them to a birthday party.

anonym - about: 01138878287

Ignorant cold caller needs reporting

anonym - about: 01915815921

find out who this number belongs to

anonym - about: 02030952802

recorded message from 'HMRC' re a lawsuit. Press 1. Scam obviously DO NOT PRESS 1`

anonym - about: 8556924150

calls to inform that a family member has a (FAKE) charge against them. Block, Ignore, Report the phone number. They will call everyone associated with you.

anonym - about: 08439601275

Down right annoying, they always seem to call me at mealtimes. Got fed up even looking to answer it now. I have also bought another phone and number

anonym - about: 07716971697

Scammer believed to be selling funeral plans - my advice is just tell them to FOAD

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