This phone belongs to the AAA Mini Storage company, based in 78132-5014 New Braunfels, New Braunfels

Who called from this phone number: 8306257800 ?

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anonym - about: 0401871254

first time called me I don't recognise the number

anonym - about: 01413672339

This number looks like a Glasgow call but they say they are calling from Camarven in Wales dont touch them

anonym - about: 5432169122754

it is 13 digit no,and called me twice.I think it is an international no and it should be marked dangerous..

anonym - about: 2023564828


anonym - about: 3012054388

Worried it was from Nigeria

anonym - about: 2532700791

Has called me and I'm not sure who this person is

anonym - about: 01780769737


anonym - about: 6474786938

Fraud / scam for air-conditioning and furnace sales - they pretended there is a government rebate available to help consumers save thousands of dollars via the 'ONTARIO POWER AUTHORITY' which makes it seem official and legitimate, but the OPA hasn't even existed for at least the last two years, when it was merged with something else - AND it had NEVER been responsible for disbursing any kinds of rebates, even back when it did exist! They target senile seniors and unsuspecting homeowners.

anonym - about: 7248342575

Simply wrong number

anonym - about: 01172395973

A strange woman called and asked for me by name saying she was from the "Back Jeremy Corbyn Campaign" then proceeded to ask if I had voted for him!

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