This phone belongs to the B & G Muffler company, based in 28602-5125 Hickory, 1207 2nd St SE

Who called from this phone number: 8283244909 ?

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anonym - about: 02921303320

They never left a message and I don't want to ring back the number in case it is a scam number.

anonym - about: 02070811308


anonym - about: 01895156654

This number called about a accident claim I had made (which I haven't)

anonym - about: 5066079041

Caught snooping around my house and used a stupid excuse for phone. Let him use mine. This number was used

anonym - about: 01207%20289376

Scam artists, claim to be local council and asking about a fictitious accident I was in.

anonym - about: 01158883262

They say that they are BT Technical Department - THEY ARE NOT!!!! They are very friendly and want access to your computer. Hang up straightaway. Their sole aim is to get your bank account details so that they can hack your account.

anonym - about: 5863369818

Weird call. Said i called him but I had just woken up

anonym - about: 01903201180

called me abput a lisa brown said she didnt live here didnt know her he said your lisa brown, her mother her daughter asked my name declined sai i lived in ml4 i dont then he hung up really cheeky foreign gent

anonym - about: 0153627485

number unknown and no message

anonym - about: 01618503711

I was told that HMRC are issuing a law suit against me!! Press 1 to speak to my case worker!!!

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