This phone belongs to the B & R Motors company, based in 91405-1070 Van Nuys, 7708 Sepulveda Blvd

Who called from this phone number: 8189899948 ?

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anonym - about: +443331368657

yesterday this phone number called to me

anonym - about: 6315680127

Telemarketers claiming to be GOOGLE business listing verifiers / associates or alike. SEO sellers basically. BOGUS

anonym - about: 6478934565

I do not know who is this number which called me many times?

anonym - about: 3036848817

unknown number

anonym - about: 2565631

Constant recall every 10 min polling about Hillary Clinton all weekend get over it

anonym - about: 08452864855

No message left when answerphone kicked in.

anonym - about: 6052772442

The number is from a company who claims to be running a trivia contest to win a trip for two to the Bahamas.

anonym - about: 9564358141

Calls come in as Unknown, yet leave a voicemail with this particular number which is either based in Brownsville. Person claims to have "phone complaints" on me and is only reporting itself as a "Licensed Private Career". Unknown phone number and unknown business name, extremely shady.

anonym - about: 2407674787

caller wants me to call regarding an ongoing investigation

anonym - about: 0802%20190%200000

Each time the number calls and I pick up my phone the caller doesn't say anything and after some seconds the caller hangs up.

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