This phone belongs to the Floor Cover Reliable company, based in 91406-3702 Van Nuys, 7055 DE Celis Pl

Who called from this phone number: 8189899055 ?

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anonym - about: 2512202704

Bluegreen Vacations

anonym - about: 7038289216

Keep getting calls, but never a voice mail message

anonym - about: 702%205929385

This person robbed my boyfriend. He called on an ad on Craigslist and when they met, he handed him counterfeit money and ran.

anonym - about: +46765193895

who is this and why to shoot me? if i second time link with them

anonym - about: 02032894455

this number 02032894455 has phoned, always hanging up when I answer , does anyone have info. on this number?

anonym - about: 0065208004554

This number called no idea who it is just hung up. So wont answer it again!

anonym - about: 5178254362

Called wanting to know whereabouts of my mortgage. He claimed to be Louis, can tell he's lying since he has an Indian accent.

anonym - about: 5094898377

These random number keep calling my phone and when I answer it hangs up. Meanwhile it's always a different number. However when I call back it sounds like an old computer setup noise.

anonym - about: 06348599547

this is some one saying they are from SKY tv services and they are refunding me £220 because of a unique problem with my account. foreign accent DEFINITELY not Sky They want your bank details confirmed so they can make a refund.

anonym - about: 02087468567

Silent call. Hung up

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