This phone belongs to the Pacific Controls EDM company, based in 91406-1744 Van Nuys, 16516 Arminta St

Who called from this phone number: 8189897722 ?

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anonym - about: 4097778886

i need to know who it is and they're texting from a text now app phone number

anonym - about: 01212809188

Sends offensive messages

anonym - about: 9147796541

Claims to be "Windows Technical Department" calling about my computer. No technical department ever calls unless you call THEM for help. Scammer, clearly.

anonym - about: 4107055426

Unknown call from "Mrs Bowers" asking me to call back with my BGE statement

anonym - about: 2025169215

Rang twice, no one there when I answered.

anonym - about: 6147456729

Called a few times , don't know who's number it is

anonym - about: +37178910226

Whose number is this +37178910226 ?

anonym - about: 02088102806

Falsely claimed to be Talk Talk technical department.

anonym - about: 01155847074

Someone or autosystem (not too sure as the sentences were good english but not entirely sensible) claiming to be from Translink .... (didn't catch all of it) about an accident I had been in (I haven't). Abruptly finished saying they would update their records and hung up

anonym - about: 7866025377

Larry Steven Spak Child molester from Marianna fl

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