This phone belongs to the PSN Roofing company, based in 76117-4857 Haltom City, Haltom City

Who called from this phone number: 8172686818 ?

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anonym - about: 16024611056

person texted me from this number asking "Need fire? Im mobile and in ur area"

anonym - about: 7157959591

credit card "no problem with your account" spammers. Filling by block list back up.

anonym - about: 7573109668


anonym - about: 9294211907

They called and said not to disregard this call or they will take action against me.

anonym - about: 01341075685

This number has called me twice, the first time they tried to convince me there was something wrong with my computer after a minute of me questioning him and asking what I needed to do to assist him I think he realised I was being sarcastic he said 'mam what you need to do is take my F***ing dick and shove it up your f***ing arse,.... Months later he's just called me again and you can gues what I said 'I QUOTE'!! I think he hung up .........

anonym - about: 13125299717

Wanted to know personal health questions requested to remove my phone # and name. She said the computer chose my number.

anonym - about: 5863369818

Weird call. Said i called him but I had just woken up

anonym - about: 0131%20553%204815

This is a scam call from a number which is not recognised. Caller is aggressive and demands personal details.

anonym - about: 01204741519

Came up as not recognised when I tried to call back.

anonym - about: 01799500994


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