Who called from this phone number: 79948975393 ?

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anonym - about: 8634404893

Someone called me from this number stating that they wanted to buy a TV that I had advertised on Craigslist. I spoke to them the day of the appointment. They informed me that they were in route to take a look at the TV. I waited over an hour and they would not return my text messages or my calls. BE CAREFUL!

anonym - about: 1866780-3592

scam charity from canada

anonym - about: 8067317779


anonym - about: 01210266995

Cold call about road accident since 2012

anonym - about: 8504067267

Unknown number calls several times a day for many days now. This one is the worst. Won't stop calling!!!

anonym - about: 6198751566

unk caller called both my cell phone and home phone.

anonym - about: 7812879732

7812879732 - Vacation Bull - recorded message wants you to say YES - then they hang up. Just say NO. Or better - Hang up.

anonym - about: 3853746254

Telemarketer from Solutionreach, Inc.

anonym - about: 07936067580

numbe3r ran g aswerd just music prob a commy bastard its dangerous dont answer

anonym - about: 3617012528

Denise Kennemer

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