Who called from this phone number: 7889418689 ?

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anonym - about: 6143236477 2018-10-08 17:05:26

melissa faggie

anonym - about: 9172834858 2018-10-08 17:05:26

concerned citizen

anonym - about: 7157959591 2018-10-08 17:05:26

called and didn't leave a message

anonym - about: 07841340283 2018-10-08 17:05:26

This number called my husband at 01-25am yesterday morning

anonym - about: 6175442418 2018-10-08 17:05:26

Calls frequently from this area and exchange. No message ever left. Always calls around the same time in the afternoon. Considering the persistent nature of these calls and the fact that they ascertained my number illegally, I have ample reason to suspect this is a robo-scam or some other rogue entity, just phishing for personally identifiable information. I never answer these calls due to the likelihood that they're tied to a robo-dialing server bot. Telephone companies really need to step up to the plate here and provide better recourse for their customers. We are the ones being victimized by these harassing scammers, not to mention the fact that a majority of the time, these rogue entities have ascertained some of our (PII) illegally. We need to have proactive tools to fight back against this ridiculous onslaught of scam entities whom do not care nor respect our consumer rights to the protection of our personally identifiable information and of our own privacy. They still have unbridled access to vast sectors of our personally identifiable information, and they're not the only ones... Also, the United States Post Office needs to stop permitting by default, outfits like the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) among many others, the unbridled access to our names and addresses, which they've been sharing ever since these marketing consortium's and other advertising conglomerates have been in business. We pay for our postage!-------Why is the post office allowed to automatically do this to it's customers?!-----It is not right period! It's a violation of our privacy and personal boundaries and an intrusion into our personal lives, and it's not right period! When is enough going to be enough of all this ho-ranging hoop-la?! It's about time these agencies and institutions answer for these outrageous intrusions & violations of our privacy and that they be forced to comply with stricter rules on how they treat our personally identifiable information and on actually [ FULLY ] protecting our privacy by default-------(not the other way around, as so often is the case with the so-called Auto-Opt-In policies so many corporate entities have adopted as standard operating procedure)!

anonym - about: 01895845420 2018-10-08 17:05:26

An Uxbridge number. When I called back there was a recorded message saying Joanna was not available.

anonym - about: 9072908931 2018-10-08 17:05:26

Recorded message. States law suits against you. You owe lot of money. This is a scam. IRS does not call you demanding money. They send letter through mail

anonym - about: 4155256356 2018-10-08 17:05:26

She is part of a black gang, she pretends to be Indian and lure people and steal at gun point

anonym - about: 8017974844 2018-10-08 17:05:26

I am just trying to know whoes Number is this

anonym - about: 2064312222 2018-10-08 17:05:26



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