This phone belongs to the Regina Gifts Inc company, based in 02062-3546 Norwood, 670 Washington St

Who called from this phone number: 7817623777 ?

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anonym - about: 8327227443

Keep calling my phone today and texting me. This woman knew my name. Kept telling me to leave the garage remote in the drawer at the house. I am calling the police on this one

anonym - about: (555)%205038769

They used claiming they knew me and said I was there family member. I have no family in Dallas, where they claimed they were from, so they couldn't be related to me.

anonym - about: 3302688189

lady rehoming stray cats she found. good person

anonym - about: 6146797201

Texts says call me I ask who they are they ask of its my boyfriend I tell them no its his girlfriend no response

anonym - about: 9816871513

I got a call.

anonym - about: 12604081218

Got a call while in school, haven't received another, very similar to number that called me a week ago: 1(260) 408-1487

anonym - about: 3855493248

I would like to know who this is. They kept texting me, and I say they have the wrong number, but they insist they know who I am.

anonym - about: +61404668516

Got a text messages have no idea who it is there not replying or answering calls they know me by name and everyone I give my number to is saved

anonym - about: 028632500

usually calls between 12:00MN to 3:00AM, when you pick up drops the call, then calls again

anonym - about: 7864522692

Girl sending me provocative photos saying shes some girl named cindy

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