Who called from this phone number: 7804760560 ?

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anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

I am getting all these calls from this number and it's really annoying

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anonym - about: 0946400242

I picked it up and it took another 5 seconds for a poorly speaking guy named Dante, who was calling on behalf of some fake Firefighters' Benevolent Association. As the father of a firefighter, I started asking questions he could not answer, jumped his ass, and also let him know that the number he was calling from is current assigned to a political candidate's headquarters in Ellisville, MO. The jack-wad hung up at that point. These bastards need to be retroactively aborted if ever caught...

anonym - about: 0187499024

Keeps calling, leaves rambling abusive messages on answer phone if I don't answer. Asian or Indian man.

anonym - about: 01212700743

just another nuisance call: a friendly well spoken woman said she was representing 'Home Security' and they were in the area - told her I was not interested and I hung up

anonym - about: 0136900111

Missed call,thought maybe it was about work

anonym - about: 07707864699

Indian guy called "John" asked for me by name. Said he was calling about my computer. I said "really?" and he replied "no, but I can make it real" and hung up. Weird!

anonym - about: 6474786938

Fraud / scam for air-conditioning and furnace sales - they pretended there is a government rebate available to help consumers save thousands of dollars via the 'ONTARIO POWER AUTHORITY' which makes it seem official and legitimate, but the OPA hasn't even existed for at least the last two years, when it was merged with something else - AND it had NEVER been responsible for disbursing any kinds of rebates, even back when it did exist! They target senile seniors and unsuspecting homeowners.

anonym - about: 2564595740

Who is this

anonym - about: 8707069651

moutian home

anonym - about: 07788615509

Mobile phone number, silence when I answer. Persistant caller.

anonym - about: 02030360595

3 phone calls trying to tell me it's about my investment account. I don't even have an investment account

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