Who called from this phone number: 7752627530 ?

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anonym - about: 008002061132

No message left

anonym - about: 254725975837

An odd 12 digit number that has called me 2-4 times for the past 3 weeks. Could be foreign scammer, but the 254 area code is from Texas. I don't know, but who ever it is, I would block it.

anonym - about: 001550822405%20

This number rang some back ground noise then an automated voice said goodbye and hung up 001550822405 has anyone else had the same happen to them

anonym - about: 3476762769

Robo call about claiming a listing. Called every day, finally had to block number.

anonym - about: 4103423414

4103423414 called said they were from Microsoft and that my computer was infected with downloaded virus, wanted me to go on computer while they were on the line. Ha Ha Ha , really dangerous scam, shut these guys down!

anonym - about: 08455514150

Had a call from this number today, couldnt understand a word the guy said to me about what he was calling about.. when asked he replied oh can i have your number please i said No! He said aw why not and hung up on me! Do not anwser the call!!

anonym - about: 08985605637

I m Mohit from Ambsla, Haryana,India. I wanna to know that who calls me from this number.

anonym - about: 0001618269268

No one on the line, then a beep and "good bye" so bloody annoying

anonym - about: 3012054388

Worried it was from Nigeria

anonym - about: 1360362-8307

Said donold trump was going to send 60,0000 to me ?but needed my info yea right dick head

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