Who called from this phone number: 7707968655 ?

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anonym - about: 01259723403

Just want to see if this is the campsite we have booked

anonym - about: 9847689924

Always coming Whatsapp message. I am not ringed to him. Please convey me the party's name and address

anonym - about: 6064745424

Missed this call, wondering who it was.

anonym - about: 8674731461

Their sending messages to my little girl asking for pictures! Not good

anonym - about: +358401972955


anonym - about: 7815723047

its so cool

anonym - about: 9215792600

They called many of our relatives, with a wrong excuse and kept asking other person's number

anonym - about: 9046773578

dont now they hang up before i can answer

anonym - about: 08433810324

Had several calls from this number recently

anonym - about: 01143601005

The old "I'm calling about an accident some time in the past 18 months" scam. Asian caller with the name of "James Wilson" said he was calling from Sheffield

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