This phone belongs to the Young's Grocery & Bulk Food company, based in 43802-9034 Adamsville, 8108 East St

Who called from this phone number: 7407964455 ?

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anonym - about: +17736493280

Calls everyday even tell them stop

anonym - about: 9164451254

Getting approx 50_60 emails per day from these assholes. Am not interested in the bullshit

anonym - about: 9292016124

unknown #

anonym - about: 0129986294

Automated call about ppi. Usual bs ,press 5 for more info,9 to be removed from database.

anonym - about: 120798541694

Strange number, with two digits preceding the area code. Showed up as Unavailable on my caller ID. Didn't bother to answer.

anonym - about: 07738094724

This number phones me several times a day. I have asked them to stop and take me off thir call list with no success

anonym - about: 8147259991

keeps calling and doesnt say anything

anonym - about: 2152800691

calls my cell, leaves no message. also calls before 9 am which is not ok with me

anonym - about: 01646800975

Gives recorded message to call £2 a minute directory enquiry. May keep line open for extended time resulting in large charge on bill.

anonym - about: 5624123445

called me but i did not answered...i called them back with my number blocked and the message was "this number does not have a voice mail setup yet"

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