Who called from this phone number: 7242523011 ?

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anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

Calls me every couple days, different time. No voice messages, no texts

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anonym - about: 3304313583 2018-05-30 19:03:27

Called but didn't pick up. They didn't leave a message. Poop on them.

anonym - about: 4103423414 2018-05-30 19:03:27

4103423414 called said they were from Microsoft and that my computer was infected with downloaded virus, wanted me to go on computer while they were on the line. Ha Ha Ha , really dangerous scam, shut these guys down!

anonym - about: 01646800975 2018-05-30 19:03:27

Gives recorded message to call £2 a minute directory enquiry. May keep line open for extended time resulting in large charge on bill.

anonym - about: 4143199146 2018-05-30 19:03:27

bonnie gray

anonym - about: 0034690350410 2018-05-30 19:03:27

whos is this number please. i am trying to find a friend this is the only contact number i have.

anonym - about: 9032252557 2018-05-30 19:03:27

anonym - about: 7325273719 2018-05-30 19:03:27

Posted classified Ad on Craigslist. "Kate" texted me ... "I'm a Flight Attendant at AA and because I'm away most of the time I will not be able to deal in person but i have a pick up agent that will be coming for the pickup after the payment has been made and cleared" I asked what hub they're based out of and they responded "fuck off"

anonym - about: 01895514484 2018-05-30 19:03:27

Sigma Advice Company repeatedly calling about an accident that I was allegedly involved in. When asking for the caller to verify the name of the company, the call was ended.

anonym - about: 027185892 2018-05-30 19:03:27

this number called me 3 times in the morning but i'm still asleep so i was not able to pick up the call

anonym - about: 0405960463 2018-05-30 19:03:27

Rang me


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