This phone belongs to the Estrella Salon company, based in 10452-7723 Bronx, 16 E 169th St

Who called from this phone number: 7182938602 ?

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anonym - about: 07770143685

Claimed they were trying to claim some PPI from a loan. When I asked them to confirm the bank which they were hesitant at first. They had the wrong bank (surprise surprise) once I said it was the wrong bank, they then decided to swear at me and hung up. Not really surprised they hung up as it's people trying to scam.

anonym - about: 07738094724

Keep ringing morning,noon and night what is with them just stop ringing

anonym - about: 5204224166

continual calls from 520-422-4166 telling me that I need to re-new my car warranty..the problem with that is I don't own a car & even after saying that, they still's very annoying..I want them to stop calling me & I've told them this, but they ignore me..

anonym - about: 6154951645


anonym - about: 8312338769

Buying my housing contract but need their name and further info for the application process

anonym - about: 08435507055

This number called my mobile and rang several times before hanging-up. Have entered this number on several similar websites to this and also there has been no previous posts about this number. I did not answer as I did not know the numer and they left no voice message.

anonym - about: 8883200561

Missed Call. Voice mail not left. Called back and they asked if I was returning call. Probably collections.

anonym - about: 08443185723

I answered, but there was no one there. Left the call live out of curiosity, and it hung up after 30 seconds.

anonym - about: 0439687946

they call don't leave a message, & when you call back it says the number is disconnected

anonym - about: 6153027988

Called, left no messsge. I don't answer/return ANY number I don't recognize. Scamming scumbag.

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