Who called from this phone number: 7172495563 ?

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anonym - about: 02212322306

I found this number on my landline twice Imissed both calls. The number is not recognised by redialling.

anonym - about: 3248548944

Unknown, random person gave me this and said they'd be over in 30 minutes

anonym - about: 18885703651

Saying they were MICROSOFT SUPPORT

anonym - about: 2818945977

kept calling & calling.. called about 7 times til i just blocked the number!! i made my friend call and it said this number wasn't in service anymore..

anonym - about: 120798541694

Strange number, with two digits preceding the area code. Showed up as Unavailable on my caller ID. Didn't bother to answer.

anonym - about: 07957164693

number of calls and texts in middle of night when i called back wont pick up

anonym - about: 447708412695

I want to know whose number this is I think it is a soldier in Manchester UK

anonym - about: 353539108079

Had a call from this no & a similar no a week ago ( 353539108117 ) My belief is that they expect you to ring back & that's when it hits you in the wallet.

anonym - about: 9173094412


anonym - about: 07936067580

numbe3r ran g aswerd just music prob a commy bastard its dangerous dont answer


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