This phone belongs to the A-One Air Conditioning & Htg company, based in 93308-3160 Bakersfield, 1108 Woodrow Ave

Who called from this phone number: 6612010387 ?

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anonym - about: 07434113322

Text with no message ? The way the number is structured is not a personal

anonym - about: 07711469549

called me, they hung up immediately after i picked up, tried to ring back said number not recognised

anonym - about: 9403685561


anonym - about: 2130000000

I'm getting a call from this number, I live in Honduras and this number is from the US and not from a family member or person I know

anonym - about: 9513867073

Called me, but I didn't pick up because I don't pick up calls I don't know. They left no voicemail. And when I called back, they said something about my number (automated) and said if I wanted to be taken off the call list to press # and when I didn't press fast enough they hung up.

anonym - about: 9179003592

Call my phone everyday am tired of them.... Stressing me out

anonym - about: 2819947518

Called several times in past few days. I don't answer calls I don't know. I have now blocked the number.

anonym - about: 07957164693

number of calls and texts in middle of night when i called back wont pick up

anonym - about: 4692148171

As with any number I don't recognize, I let it sit after I answer it to see if any human says anything. If not, I let the number hang up by itself.

anonym - about: 6262358911

I'm very very sad happy I sad birthday to the my mom and I my wife I am a happy happy birthday to my very very happy happy birthday love you me happy happy birthday happy happy love you and my w

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