This phone belongs to the Rip Tide Graphic company, based in 11716-3926 Bohemia, 60 Chelsea Ct # 4

Who called from this phone number: 6315676565 ?

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anonym - about: 5052789128

Keeps bothering me

anonym - about: 15084917425

left text message wishing a happy birthday but no remembering exact date

anonym - about: 8785469872

Called 6 times in one day starting early in the morning. Scam, phishing, etc. No one ever answered. Probably want you to call back so your phone gets billed calling long distance?

anonym - about: 0191%20729%209780

Called me, when asked to speak a manager called me rude, refused and then hung up.

anonym - about: 7248268058

The person who uses this phone is harasses and berates several of my trans friends with anti-trans abusive remarks.

anonym - about: 03450303907

recording to get personal and financial info

anonym - about: 07713124709

same as previous remarks missed call called back and same message number not recognised.

anonym - about: 118444321116

woman said she was from Comcast but I was skeptical because the first 2 numbers in phone number were 1's.

anonym - about: 347%20471%205202

Had a weird name I didn't recognize. Called me while at work which sux. I am sure a scammer. Leave me alone you scammers.

anonym - about: 7088872493

Got a text saying it was from Bank of America and they needed my credit card details or else my card would be locked - I don't even have a Bank of America card or account. Be ware!

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