This phone belongs to the James Cress Florists company, based in 11776-2595 Port Jeffrsn Sta, 4699 Nesconset Hwy

Who called from this phone number: 6314737400 ?

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anonym - about: 9515452900

dr. who

anonym - about: 01138878287

Ignorant cold caller needs reporting

anonym - about: 0110723302

Received missed call

anonym - about: 07778686905

Seems like a nuisance call. Missed call, not recognised on call back.

anonym - about: 7062570708

Darla james

anonym - about: 14164062799

A male person with an 'Indian Accent' (India) calling himself 'Jordan' phoned here from 1-416-406-2799 trying to sell different kind of 'Alarms'. Although he was polite, after a few Q & A I finally made him understand that I wasn't interested to purchase any items. The kind of phone calls I could do without !

anonym - about: 02892653320

This number called purporting to be Virgin and offering a reduced ins cover premium for my TV because I was a senior citizen, suggesting to me that I was currently insured with them. Male caller wanted to confirm my bank details for the amended standing order/direct debut (not sure which). I have never had TV insurance so guessed it was a scam but played along for a while go see how the scam worked.

anonym - about: 3302688189

lady rehoming stray cats she found. good person

anonym - about: 2525409863

Sandra Wood

anonym - about: 512%20572%201514

This is a Nigerian romance dating scam stole an Army Veterans profile to steal from ladies. He goes by the name Gomez mark hall on facebook. He's a bastard

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