This phone belongs to the DBC Acupuncture company, based in 91754-1668 Monterey Park, 447 W Garvey Ave

Who called from this phone number: 6262808885 ?

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anonym - about: 0320551800

I just want to know . maybe it call from someone that i find

anonym - about: 08435047405

This is the number for GAME retail stores. I called them to check stock and possibly reserve an item. I was on hold for 15 minutes and then talked for maybe 2 minutes. The call cost me nearly £10. Daylight robbery. This should not be allowed. How can they charge me for being on hold. Alternatively, if their system is clever enough to charge only when the call gets handled by a human, then the £5/minute works out to £300/hour!! Who earns £300 per hour? And all of this was done without my permission nor any adequetate warning. This cannot be right. Please do not call this number. It is robbery.

anonym - about: 0000000000

cot a call from this number that left a message directing me to call 518-231-0091

anonym - about: 5172100197

Me Artis

anonym - about: 8554252089

American Coradian? Possibly a collection agency. When you answer there is a recording telling you to call back with a case #. When you call back they know who you are from the phone you are calling them from. **WARNING** They ask you to verify your date of birth or last 4 of Social. Will not give the numbers to YOU to verify, they want you to give it to them. Told them I do not give out personal information to companies I do not know. THEY WOULD NOT TELL ME THE NAME OF THEIR COMPANY, WHAT THE COMPANY DOES, OR WHY THEY ARE CALLING. NEVER give out your personal info. I reported then to the CFPB & the Calif. AG office as harassing & possibly ID thieves.

anonym - about: 7801112233

Has called me a couple of times. Each time I quickly cut the male caller off, saying I don't own the home in which I live, but rather rent. Apologises and hangs up.

anonym - about: 0203002344

They call about 4 times a day they wait till you answer then hang up

anonym - about: 0115094000

I have called ABSA and they said it was not them

anonym - about: 0730167666

07-3016-7666 if you happen to answer these calls give them you local MEMBER OF PARLIMENTSNUMBER

anonym - about: 07587585398


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