This phone belongs to the Treeworks Inc company, based in 49404-9420 Coopersville, 7475 State Rd

Who called from this phone number: 6168371100 ?

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anonym - about: 01204675409

Called saying their records show that I was involved in a car accident.

anonym - about: 0%2072%20693%206202

This person is busy calling me when I answer they hang up

anonym - about: 4178944614

Caller had dialect from India. Stated they are calling from Visa and Mastercard to lower my interest rates. I specifically asked them what company they were from and got "We are billing department from Visa and Mastercard" over and over again. They said they are not changing my credit card company, but will just lower my rates. Total scam.

anonym - about: 0434618790

wanting me to sign up over the phone to an app that directs clients to my buisness. i asked them to email me but wouldent and she hung up.

anonym - about: 3036848817

unknown number

anonym - about: 01895945815

I missed the call so I have very little information on this. I assume they hung up after calling me

anonym - about: 070319%2083789

Fraudster is requesting quotations with the intention to order goods using the e-mail addresses, and You are strongly advised as follows: • Do NOT process any documents, particularly requests for quotes or invoices containing the addresses and or any similar suspicious e-mails; • Only accept Purchase Orders for goods, service and works requirements via the University’s e-Procurement system; and • Forward all communications regarding the above or any other scam to the Metropolitan Police Action Fraud squad; • Forward this e-mail to your trade association or Chamber of Commerce requesting that they inform their members of the fraudulent practice.

anonym - about: 5733401598

Acting like they are NEC and max

anonym - about: 0136900111

Missed call,thought maybe it was about work

anonym - about: +355664654654

Phoned in early hours of the morning, I did not answer as it is not a recognised number. Also my number is not in any phone directory.

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