This phone belongs to the Tina J Balletto DC company, based in 08690-3539 Trenton, 1700 White Horse Hamilton # C5

Who called from this phone number: 6095877500 ?

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anonym - about: 7046698698

They sent me a text saying hello. I messaged back who are you so they in return message me back with the same question.

anonym - about: 12172399400


anonym - about: 4062252528

Rec'd a call on my cell phone. I missed them and called back. A male with a foreign accent said they were the IRS and needed my name and phone no to look up my account. I could hear a lot of people talking on the phone in the background. I told him I would call him back for a better connection. I never did. Not the IRS. IRS doesn't have my cell no.

anonym - about: 2523821059

Calls 5x a day starting very early in the morning. No voicemails left. Probably a scam so I havent picked up

anonym - about: 2818945977

kept calling & calling.. called about 7 times til i just blocked the number!! i made my friend call and it said this number wasn't in service anymore..

anonym - about: 074495426022

keeps calling when ring back say this number cant accept your call, anyone know who it is please ?

anonym - about: 2036858367

they call and a recording tells you thye will eliminate your debt. when you ask them how they will do that, they want to know your credit card debt. when I said zero, they spoke in Indian together, then hung up.

anonym - about: 7404745367

Keeps calling Says he is from Windows. I say Microsoft Windows,He says no

anonym - about: 087%20288%200339

getting 4 to 5 calls a day with no one on the other side

anonym - about: 8883200561

Missed Call. Voice mail not left. Called back and they asked if I was returning call. Probably collections.

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