This phone belongs to the Fjord Bar company, based in 54623-8037 Coon Valley, 404 Central Ave

Who called from this phone number: 6084529178 ?

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anonym - about: 7801112233

Has called me a couple of times. Each time I quickly cut the male caller off, saying I don't own the home in which I live, but rather rent. Apologises and hangs up.

anonym - about: 01897818382

talk talk scam

anonym - about: 702%205929385

This person robbed my boyfriend. He called on an ad on Craigslist and when they met, he handed him counterfeit money and ran.

anonym - about: 2819947518

Called several times in past few days. I don't answer calls I don't know. I have now blocked the number.

anonym - about: 07598950165

called my landline today saying he had spoken to me a few days ago - not true - requested he delete number from their database - why would they be using a mobile number if they are a business

anonym - about: 03057049968


anonym - about: 07708%20635623

called answer line went dead. redialled, incorrect numer

anonym - about: 0719860651

Sends smses that threatens

anonym - about: 3126839547

Claims to be ComEd, message in Spanish.

anonym - about: 7573109668


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